My name is Derek Bayer, I was born and raised in Erie, PA. I currently live in Pittsburgh, Pa with my wonderful wife, Sherri and our three children, Michael, Mikayla and Max. I am an entrepreneur dedicated to helping others attain their success. I developed a strong work ethic at an early age. Too young to be added to payroll, I began sweeping parking lots and delivering newspapers. I quickly learned that I control my own financial situation. Being class president in high school and coaching the boxing team, leadership roles were taken on early in my life. I earned a degree in Marketing from Penn State. I paid my way through college working mainly in restaurants (among many other side jobs) and matched my degree with my restaurant experience. I quickly rose from assistant manager, to general manager to director of operations. I enjoyed my career in restaurants, however nights, weekends and traveling were not going to be conducive to family life. I then entered the mortgage industry, experienced success and founded in 2002. I have operated and sold a retail franchise, worked in multi-level marketing and real estate investing.

We believe in the value of giving back to the community and we are very involved in local charities. I am on the board of directors of Auberle and am the volunteer chairman for their biggest fundraiser, Voices Carry. I love to play the guitar and this event gives me a chance to play with some of the best talent in Pittsburgh.

The internet has opened up new doors for income opportunities and I seize the opportunity to create a residual income online. I work my online business with the mindset that one can only achieve great success by assisting others in attaining their success. I have reached the number one spot in “Rising Star” App Sales in my company within my first five weeks and continue to grow a team of driven, like minded entrepreneurs. If you maintain a positive mindset, are goal oriented and ready to follow a proven blueprint for success in internet marketing then I look forward to assisting you in attaining your goals. Remember once you create your success you will be required to pay it forward to help others attain their financial freedom as well.

“Respectively Dedicated To Your Success,  Derek Bayer

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