An affiliate marketing business startup doesn’t require you to have any prior business experience or a sizeable sum of money to put down. What it does require is hard work, dedication, drive, and tons of patience.

The most appealing benefit of affiliate marketing is that it enables you to make money by selling goods that aren’t even yours. You sign up for an affiliate program, post merchant ads on your Web site, and collect a commission each time someone clicks on the ad to buy the product, or clicks on the ad to sign up for a newsletter. It can add up to big bucks — some affiliate marketers can make six and even seven figures. But how does the newbie get started?

The first thing you need to do — and this goes for any online business — is to determine two key truths about yourself. What are you most passionate about and what are you most knowledgeable about. If you can pinpoint a topic that satisfies both requirements, you already have a leg up on most other affiliate marketing startups.

Besides traffic generation, what matters most in affiliate marketing is the quality of the content you post to your site and how relevant it is to your affiliate merchant listings. Your visitors will be able to tell immediately if you don’t know what you’re talking about or if you lack any real enthusiasm for your theme and/or affiliate merchants. Make sure your Web site content targets a specific problem and offers a unique and compelling solution. The information you provide should be useful and up to date.
Once you decide what subject you want to focus on, create a professional affiliate marketing Web site — if you can’t do it yourself, outsource it, but don’t settle for mediocrity.

Of course, one of the most important things to tackle when you’re starting up an affiliate marketing business is traffic generation. However remarkable your content is, if no one’s coming to your affiliate marketing Web site, you’re not going to be turning a profit anytime soon. Since many approaches to traffic generation exist, it’s best if you start out by mastering only one. First determine what your market niche is, then mold your strategy accordingly. You don’t just want traffic, you want high quality traffic — visitors who come to your Web site because they’re seeking something specific that your may well supply (via affiliate links). If you’re able to direct them organically toward your affiliate merchants — and this is made easier by the fact they already want to be directed — then your conversion rate will skyrocket. And so will your income.

When you’re building your affiliate marketing business startup, it’s crucial that you choose merchants who sell high quality products for preferably high commission rates. The more value your product offers, the more likely your visitors will click on your links and buy. Make sure that you communicate value clearly on your affiliate marketing Web site. Building trust is a very important part of an affiliate marketing business. It helps to cultivate long-term customers, and that’s what matters most if your goal is long-term success.

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