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Empower Network Affiliate Marketing Program – The Future of Sustainable Business Online?

The Empower Network is an affiliate marketing program created by David Wood and David Sharpe…but also a program that could become one of the most sustainable business models on the internet in the next 12 months. We have not found any other affiliate marketing program or any other kind of online or network marketing program in history that has grown as fast and paid out close to as much money in commissions. In it’s first four months, Empower Network saw over 18,000 new affiliates join. They paid out $4,000,000.00 (four million) in commissions directly to affiliates. They got more traffic to the Empower Network website than Oprah.com within just a couple months of launching the site.  No other company we know of comes anywhere close to this kind of explosive growth in such a short time.

Why Did Empower Network Grow Faster Than Any Other Affiliate Marketing Company in History?

Whatever you personally think of the Empower Network, if you are not interested in learning how they accomplished their unprecedented growth, then maybe you should consider looking at something other than running your own business.  Learning from the massive results of others who have actually obtained them is one of the best ways you will get massive results in your own business. The crazy thing is, Empower Network had huge growing pains at the same time they were experiencing their massive growth…they had troubles with their support, glitches with the blog platform, and especially with their payment systems. They grew so fast that two separate merchant companies had to drop them because the merchants couldn’t keep up with all of the new accounts being created by Empower.

Affiliates were having major trouble accessing a way to get paid…and the Empower Network still grew at never-before-seen levels in the affiliate marketing industry. Now that they have fixed the problem, it should be very interesting to see if they actually reach the 100,000 affiliates they are planning on recruiting by the end of 2012…

Sign in HERE to see how they structured their sales funnel to keep growing at incredible levels even through their numerous start up problems.Empower Network Affiliate Marketing Program

David Sharpe and David Wood had each been in the industry for a few years before they teamed up to start the Empower Network, and they have intriguing back stories of struggle with homelessness and addiction…but there are other experienced marketers with good stories who haven’t, in just four months, built affiliate marketing programs that pay out a million dollars per month to their affiliates.

The Empower Network Affiliate Marketing Program Does Things Differently

  • Empower pays out 100% of their commissions to its affiliate marketers…the founders act as affiliates and earn through their own production.
  • Empower pays members directly and do not take a cut of the profits on your sales.
  • Empower offers valuable products…access to one of the highest traffic blogs in the world and top notch training that opens your eyes to how the top earners online market their products successfully.
  • Empower has no rules about marketing other company’s products… and if you want to use the Empower Network as a front end product for other offers, they encourage it.
  • They give you access to leads generated through their system to help you market your own stuff to them…in most companies, you never see your customers contact information…because they are not your customers, they are the affiliate company’s customers.  not so with Empower.
  • Empower tells the truth…they outline how the gurus sell, how they convince you to buy, and what you need to know so you don’t “get sold” on things that will impoverish rather than empower you.
  • Empower Network is not acting like a company whose owners want the maximum amount of cash in their pockets as fast as possible. Rather, they are acting like a company who wants to build a long term business that will allow affiliates to generate a long term income by building a real business rather than a quick buck.

If you listen to either Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe for 5 minutes you can’t help but hear their passion for the Empower Network, the associated affiliate marketing program, and for the success of the affiliates themselves….Seriously. I don’t give that kind of praise in this industry very often. A lot of marketers talk a good game…and a few of them are sincere… but most are sincerely passionate about making a lot of money however they can, and not much else.  David Sharpe and David Wood would tell you they want that too, of course.  Remember, the Empower Network is all about telling the truth…but they are just as passionate about creating a like-minded community in a long term sustainable business for their affiliate marketers so they can share in the company’s success.

Too many internet companies focus so much on squeezing dollars out of their members and just don’t see that the Empower philosophy makes a whole lot more business sense.

If these guys were only out for quick cash, they would have easily been able to take 20%, 30%, or 50% of affiliate commissions for themselves and pocket hundreds of thousands (or millions) of dollars.  Even taking 10% would have been so little as to be unheard of in the industry, and they likely would have grown the company just as fast…probably faster because they wouldn’t have messed around so long trying to get all of their affiliates an individual merchant solution.  Ten percent of four million is $400,000.00 that they chose to give to affiliates instead of putting into their own pockets.

The Empower Network affiliate marketing program is unique.

  • It has been massively profitable for a lot of affiliates.
  • It has grown faster than any other affiliate company in history that we are aware of.
  • …and it pays out 100% of commissions on product sales.

Entry level is only $25 per month for the blogging platform…and it’s a platform that is fast becoming an authority and has potential to get some of the highest ranking pages online. They were in the top 500 websites in the US and the top 1000 in the world when it comes to traffic.

Advanced marketing training is $100 per month, and they have a few other products as well. You have to be subscribed to the $100 product to make commissions on it.  Current metrics are showing 30% of blog subscribers purchase the $100/month advanced training.

What would the value of a product have to be in a traditional affiliate programs to make $100 in commissions? $400.00? $300.00? If you’re lucky you may find someone offering 50% commissions and you could sell a $200.00 product.  What’s easier to market and make sales, $25 products or a $200 products? Their model makes more sense to the marketer than anything else currently available, both from the opportunity to generate income right away and where they are headed in the future.

David Wood and David Sharpe can explain the system better than I can, so take a look at their intro video HERE.

I hope you take a minute to review this product…then if the Empower Network Affiliate Marketing Program hits 100,000 new affiliates 10 months from now you’ll be able to either pat yourself on the back for taking a chunk of the commissions…or at least know what you missed…

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