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The Empower Network is a new affiliate based blogging and marketing company who has been growing at levels that are unheard of in the internet marketing community.  In just over two weeks they have over 6000 paid members and have paid out over $700,000.00 in commissions.

If you’ve been around affiliate offers before, you know that in an attempt to out-do their competing affiliates, people offer all kinds of bonuses.  Most of these are useless ebooks and outdated courses that sit on virtual shelves gathering virtual dust.  From what I’ve seen so far, the Empower Network bonus pool is no different.

I have quite a few of these offers gathering dust myself…shuffled away in a file somewhere, never to be seen again… until it’s time to delete unused junk to make more space on my hard drive.  These kinds of ‘bonuses’ for the Empower Network constitute more of a headache than a true bonus.

Personally I believe the Empower Network program is going to be a model for future affiliate offers and has real potential to change the face of internet marketing for good…but that’s just me.

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Some of the better affiliates occasionally make useful offers that will help their customers put their new purchase to better use…not a 150 page ebook or 8 hours of video training you will never watch, but something tangible that will help implement the strategies you need to make the product work for you.

For those who want to resell the Empower Network program, this is the only kind of bonus that makes sense.  As someone who is promoting the program myself this is exactly what I intend to do with my Empower Network Bonus offer.

I run a local online marketing company and have a variety of tools and strategies at my disposal that can help my customers succeed with the Empower Network.  After all, this is not the same as a lot of other affiliate programs.  If my customers succeed, I make more money.  I want their marketing plans to perform even better than my own.

Empower Network Bonuses

  1. Consultation to establish goals and objectives.
  2. Training on how to “Write for Google” in order to get blog posts and articles better seen in the search engines.  After all, this is a blogging platform. Without some simple, yet powerful training on how to SEO articles, your content will not get seen.  I learned this from an SEO guy who used to work for the Sony  (‘Halo’ video game), Usher, Macey Gray, Prudential, and many others.
  3. A contributor account at EpostMedia.com, my Google-News-Approved site where you can write and submit relevant news articles to our editorial staff.  If done right (i.e. according to the ‘Writing for Google’ training) these will often hit the first page of Google Search within minutes…seriously!
  4. I’ll show you how to use these tools and others…and how you can integrate them to make it massively effective in getting your message out to the masses.

I haven’t seen anything yet that gives more real value than this Empower Network Bonus.  If you join Team Freedom Ability you can get started for just $25.00, which is the cost of the entry point for the Empower Network.  The problem is, it takes time on my part.  I won’t be able to offer this forever…imagine trying to help 200 people with this stuff…can’t do it without hiring support, and I’m not going to do that for this project…so join now before I start cutting more of the time consuming stuff off that list…it used to be numbers 1 through 6.

Look at it this way.  If you are actually reading this article, you know my strategies work.  If I help you recruit just one affiliate, you have already broken even.  To get more information on the Empower Network, click the banner below.  To join now for just $25.00 and get your Empower Network Bonus, Go Here.

I look forward to working with you,

Roderick MacKenzie
Freedom Ability Marketing

Empower Networ Bonus

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