Before you jump into affiliate marketing, consider what affiliate marketing strategies you’re going to employ. The smarter — and yes, whether you like it or not, the harder — you work at the outset of your business, the faster you’ll reap a profit. And the bigger that profit will be.

The two most important components of an affiliate marketing business are content and traffic. You have to be equally strong in both arenas to see your affiliate marketing business grow.

The best way to turn your affiliate marketing business into a cash cow is to pair valuable, specialized content with highly profitable products and services. In addition, make sure the products and services are in demand, and either coincide with the trends or transcend them. You also need to match your passion, interests, or hobbies with your affiliate marketing endeavor. The more you know, and the more enthusiastic you are in sharing your expertise, the more effective you’ll be at converting visitors to “clickers,” and ultimately buyers.

When you select your affiliate marketing merchants, be sure that they’re relevant to the chosen niche of your Web site. A through line needs to run through everything: your content, your merchants, your graphics, your domain name, etc. Building a successful affiliate marketing Web site is akin to building a brand. Your objective is to create strong relationships with qualified prospects, and to do that you need to be able to offer a reliable and efficacious value proposition, translated through the body of your site.
Your affiliate marketing strategy must aim to build trust between you and your visitors. Only then will they be compelled to take the desired action, whether that constitutes buying a product or signing up for a newsletter. And in the end, it’s action that pays.
Another important component of your affiliate marketing strategy is to be selective in what banners, graphics, and text ads you post to your site. Often, newbies will invest in a bunch of banners that ultimately just clog up the Web site, making it look sloppy and unappealing. Visitors to your site don’t want to be bombarded with promotion — hard sells don’t work in affiliate marketing. It’s all about selling them gently on what you and your affiliate marketing merchants have to offer.

That’s why text ads and text links are often better options than graphic bells and whistles. They tend to outperform banners because they are less intrusive. By creating high quality content that gives the reader valuable insight into the affiliate marketing merchants’ offerings, and interspersing links throughout, you will significantly ramp up your conversion rates. For example, if your site includes a blog (and it should), embed contextual links within weekly posts.

One of the most important things to do to keep your affiliate marketing strategies fresh and cutting edge is to learn everything you can about your niche and your business. The Internet evolves at the speed of light. What works today may not work a month, or even a week from now. Keep abreast of trends, read everything you can about affiliate marketing, hone your copywriting skills, and most importantly, listen to your audience. You need to be able to intuit their needs and proclivities in order to keep your affiliate marketing Web site current. Your success depends on how loyal your readership base is. Loyal customers are more likely to take your recommendations, thus they are more likely to support your affiliate marketing merchants.

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