Particularly if you’re a baby boomer, you might be wondering how so many kids make money online. For the record, we should establish that at least from a baby boomer’s perspective, a kid is anyone under 30. With that understanding in place, the number of kids who make money online is astounding.

As the baby boomer generation grew, it became almost a hobby to watch kids make money—big money. Young superstars such as Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, and even the legendary Bill Gates all started making money—in some cases huge money—when they were very young.

And now, even this is changing.

Today, the kids who make money online are getting younger and younger. One venue that seems to be extremely popular is the social networks. Kids make money online by creating the backgrounds—called wallpapers—that social networkers use on their sites. It’s amazing, but the kids making money online are in some cases in their early teens or even younger.

It was recently reported that a 12-year-old girl started a social networking wallpaper business creating backgrounds for Facebook pages and selling them to her friends. She started the business when she was 10 and sold it at the age of 12 for almost $1 million. As amazing as it sounds, it is a true story.

The fact of the matter is that kids are making money online because they grew up with technology. For someone in their teens or early 20s, the Internet has been a fixture for their entire lives. Whereas older people feel constrained by things that they don’t know, kids make money online simply because they can. They are familiar with the technology, have mastered it, and have now learned how to leverage it.

Kids are making money in many different ways. As was the case with the young girl, some do it in the form of graphic design for niche markets. Others turn to consulting by advising clients in the art of leveraging the social networks, or perhaps in search engine optimization (SEO). Other kids make money by designing Web sites for clients using skills that they gained over the years creating hobby sites for themselves.

But getting old is a state of mind, and you are basically as young as you feel. Today as home based Internet marketing businesses become commonplace, old kids make money online as well. All it takes is a willingness to learn and the ability to master the technology. Virtually anyone can make money online.

It is an interesting study to see how these older kids make money on the Internet. Although the same options and opportunities exist for the older generation that exist for younger people, the baby boomers make money online using more traditional business models.

Whereas kids make money online typically as an offshoot of a hobby or spare time endeavor, adults make money online because they realize that the Internet offers tremendous business opportunities.

Simply by finding the right business model that has been tried, proven, and tested, not only can old kids make money online, but you can as well. The key is to commit yourself to the process and learn as much as you can as quickly as you can.

Watching the young kids make money online can be a constructive process. They jump into their online businesses with abandon—indeed sometimes reckless abandon—and just begin to operate. They are not focused on making money so much as they are on having a good time. That is probably why kids make money online so successfully.

It is a lesson we should all learn.

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