How To Properly Promote your Online MLM Business

How would you rate on a social media etiquette scale?

Social media is a fascinating and relatively new medium for promoting MLM businesses. While it can be an incredibly effective way of spreading the word about your MLM Company, brand or product keep in mind that Social media will amplify the good as well as the bad about your company.  All it would take is one mistake in the social media etiquette realm to damage you and your company.

Here are several questions to consider when rating your social media etiquette…

Have you ever introduced yourself to another person using your brand or MLM Company name?

Do you consistently and only promote yourself and your company, online?

Do you approach people you rarely know or talk to and ask them for favors?

Do you add friends you don’t know and seek others to be your friends without properly introducing yourself?

If any of these questions describe something you may have done or even just thought about; you may be in need of some Social Media pointers.

Below are some great social media tips that if followed will help you rate higher on the social media etiquette scale and promote your MLM business in a positive way, giving you and your company a good online reputation.

Never ask people to join your friend list or to follow you, or subscribe to your YouTube channel without properly introducing yourself first.

Please don’t invite your friends to every app, game and group.  If they are interested they will join without your encouragement.

Always use your real name.  Be willing to let people know who you are.  Create a bio, where possible, to help people get to know you.  Select your profile picture wisely.  Don’t turn your picture into a pitch for your product or company.

Keep private things private.  There is never a reason to air personal laundry in a public forum.  There are private avenues to resolve personal issues.

Don’t post incriminating photos or tag unflattering photos of you or your friends.  Never tag someone’s name (not in video or picture) to get more traffic based on his or her name.

If you don’t have anything to say – it is okay not to say it!

While social media sites are a great place to promote yourself and your MLM business always mix it up a little and promote others you feel offer value to the community.

Don’t constantly ask other to promote you – Digg your article, comment on your blog, etc.  People will eventually tune you out if you are always asking.

Last but not least – Always give more than you receive.  Earn respect through social media sites by giving something of value to those in your community.  A good rule of thumb to follow is the 90-10 rule.  90% of the time your post should be something insightful and informative.  The other 10% can be for your benefit in promoting your online MLM business.  At the end of the day what is going to earn you the greatest connection with others the value you add, not constant promotion of yourself.

When putting yourself into the social media realm remember that the community within these sites are real, as real as your day to day relationship with others, and should be treated as such.  Everything you post will be a permanent reflection of your identity, personally as well as professionally.

Brushing up on your Social Media Etiquette and following the tips listed above can help you create strong relationships and help your online MLM business become a success.

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