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Roderick MacKenzie FamilyRoderick P. MacKenzie

Hello, and thank you for stopping by to find out a little more about me.

I am an investor,  businessman, internet marketer, and educator.  These things, however, take a backseat to my family.  I am a husband and father first.  As I work to improve the lives of my family, I keep reminding myself of one thing…I believe life is about relationships.

Any business activity I get involved with is done with the ultimate goal of improving my relationships.  With God, family, friends, and the people I meet and do business with every day.  Money comes and goes, but nothing can replace long-term healthy relationships with the people .

The old cliche about dying rich and alone or poor and surrounded by people who love you rings true with me, except for one thing…There’s a third choice:  Dying rich and surrounded by people who love you!

Roderick MacKenzie: The Beginning

I started my career as a physiotherapist (physical therapist) in a government facility in Eastern Canada.  In four years I had topped my pay-scale…and it wasn’t a scale that  allowed me to do what I wanted to do and prepare for the retirement I want to have.

So I studied to become a pedorthist and opened my own foot orthotics practice, MacKenzie Orthotics.  I started clinics in several locations, but found that I had to spend more and more time if I wanted to generate more income.

Finally, I found more leverage on the internet.  I moved MacKenzie Orthotics online.  I also connected with a financial education company, which truly changed my life.

Roderick MacKenzie re: Financial Control

In the meantime I had done what everyone in the mainstream financial arena seems to teach…I contributed monthly for my retirement by giving my financial advisor money to put into mutual funds.  Everything was in a retirement account of course, where it could grow tax free.

Unfortunately, the gains in these accounts didn’t amount to much, especially after paying management fees!  I wasn’t getting the returns I knew the rich were getting…and my advisor, transaction fees, and mutual fund managers were taking a big chunk of what little gains I did have.

Then there was 2008/2009…where I lost a lot of what I did have.  But worse than that, close relatives and other acquaintances who were ready to retire are now faced with another five or six years of working just to com close to building their portfolio back to where they needed it for retirement.  Assuming another crash does not occur in the meantime…and I’m predicting it will before the next five years are up.

So I studied the financial strategies of people like Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Mike Maloney, Peter Lynch, Warren Buffet, Kip Herriage, and others.  I took home study courses regarding financial management…not the financial management taught by the main stream media, but that taught by the rich.  People who had achieved their goals and were teaching how they got there.

I fired my financial advisor and took over the management of my own finances.  I still need advisors…but I now know which ones to choose…and whether or not their advice is sound when they give it.  I make my own decisions whether or not to act on what they suggest.  It’s a liberating feeling.

Roderick MacKenzie re: The Result

Now I am in control of my own finances. I have access to investment opportunities and financial strategies that are usually only available for the rich and well connected.  I’m in far better shape than I was just a few years ago, and have a much better plan for the future.

I am also my own boss and in control of my own time and income.  I decide when I work and when I play…or look after my son…or take a day to go hiking…or run some of those “errands-that-have-to-be-done-during-a-regular-work-day-but-you-never-seem-to-have-the-time-away-from-work-to-get-them-done…

My future is in my own hands, not my employer’s… and not my financial advisor’s.  They don’t have as much at stake as I do in my work or my finances anyway.  Why would I think they could do a better job than I can in managing them?

Roderick MacKenzie re: Control Of Income

My primary focus now is to help others take control of their own financial management, and their own incomes.  One way I do this by offering valuable information for free, like what you can find on this blog.   Even more helpful are the connections I have made with programs that can shorten your learning curve and speed up the process so you can take control so much faster.  I spent two years and tens of thousands of dollars on courses and programs before I found what works.  I don’t want you to have to do the same.

If you are interested in working with me, either taking control of your financial management by getting the education you need to take control of your own finances…or taking control of your income by starting in business online, I’d be happy to have a chat.  Just fill out the contact form and let me know what you’re looking to accomplish and we’ll start the interaction.

To your success,

Roderick MacKenzie

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