Quick update on the world economy after this brutal blow. With Japan being the third largest economy having had China only months ago surpass them for second spot they are clearly one of the worlds largest economic and influential powers.

They have the highest debt to GDP of any nation which is around 200%. This of course was before nature struct sending their currency and stock market tumbling.

Short term we have seen a pullback in gold, silver as the USD is still the world reserve currency and this traumatic event has seen investors selling the JPY, gold and silver buying back the USD.

This will not last as the movement in gold and silver are largely due to the debt nation that is the USA, mass amounts of unbacked liquidity and coming hyperinflation in energy/deflation in most asset prices. and All is not going to end well with them but for now they have enough attention drawn away from them to continue operating in disguise.

Oil has pulled back as Japan’s demand has severely reduced but due to the ciaos in the middle east this will not stand the test of the intermediate to long term time.

Short term might be a bumpy ride for investing in gold, silver, oil, gas and the market may have finally ended it’s long awaited bear market rally.


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