With the ill economic monster continuing to vomit recession phlegm on our faces, and the infectious inflation virus spreading across the country and globally, the future appears gloomy; and perhaps it is for some.  Yes, every day we hear more bad news about the economy, and more of our friends are sharing stories about how they were laid off, unable to get a loan, or simply are not able to keep up with the increasing inflation.  Many of the rest of us are living with fear of sharing the same story.

Everything that we have worked for our entire lives, our homes, retirement, social security, it’s all quickly being stripped away from our grip.  The financial crisis is being forced on us and there seems to be no escape; but there is for some.

For those of you, who are suffering this gloomy situation right now, please know that you are not alone.  There are many, many people that are in a similar or even worse situation.  Too often we feel isolated and turn our eyes solely on our own problems.  The problem with this is that as long as you are inward facing, you’ll never see the way out.

It’s important for us to realize that there are cures to our chronic economic illness.  Attitude and diligence are the first ingredients of the antidote.  Let’s look just a little at each of these ingredients individually:

Attitude:  Before you can begin to think about evading or escaping the consequences of a global economic collapse, you must first be thankful for what you have.  Seeking success without gratitude is greed, and greed is short-lived and vain.  If you are reading this, you obviously have access to the Internet; there’s something to be thankful for.  An attitude of gratitude is much like a smile…it is very contagious.  Those who are successful typically have a magnetic and contagious personality that others appreciate, want to help, follow, join, and genuinely enjoy being around.

To apply this attitude of gratitude medication, you simply start by Celebrating the Victories in Your Life, no matter how small they are.  The cheapest and easiest way to celebrate is through physical proclamation.  Just recognize the victory, jump up, throw your hands in the air and shout “YES!”  This may sound silly, but its amazing how your attitude will begin to quickly shift in a positive direction.

Secondly, you must remove the excess negativity from your life.  I say excess because you can’t practically avoid your immediate family, but those infectious negative people who are NOT a potential part of your economic cure must be avoided completely.  Continually surround yourself around positive people; the best of these are those who are where you want to be.

Diligence: Failure to take a strong dose of diligence is most people’s ultimate demise…they know or learn what to do to heal their circumstances, but they don’t apply consistent action and give up before they reach their goal.  It’s much like an antibiotic; when prescribed, we are given instructions on what time, how often, and how much of the medicine we are supposed to take for the drug to do its job.  Most importantly, we are told to complete the entire regimen…to take the medicine until it is all gone.  Failure to follow these pharmaceutical instructions can have severe consequences.

If we are to survive the ever-increasing inflation and unemployment rates, we must take action and be diligent to the end…never becoming complacent.  Complacency is the recipe for the death of any endeavor; however diligence is the weapon that combats complacency.  One of the best ways to apply the anti-complacency drug is by seeking out wisdom from every source you can find…continuously be a student eager to learn more about whatever you are doing.  Most likely, if you are reading this article and have made it this far down, you have at least some of these traits.

There are other alternatives which will increase your ability to obtain financial freedom, stability, and PEACE OF MIND.  So many people became very wealthy during The Great Depression in the U.S., and so many people are becoming very wealthy today.  There are currently endless opportunities for a person who possesses an attitude of gratitude and can be consistently diligent in their pursuit of that quickly fading “American Dream”.

There is good news! The “American Dream” is still alive in the U.S. and around the world today, despite the significant movements that are stunting entrepreneurial growth.  Nearly 30 million people across the globe have turned from the conventional methodology of working for ‘the other guy’ and started their own business using the Internet.  All of these people are entrepreneurs in some way; however, not all are rich.  Most fail to take their medication.  They have a lottery ticket mentality, don’t want to work, or are greedy and ungrateful people.  Remember, greed produces short-lived results.  I’ve seen this over and over with many entrepreneurs and it saddens me.

Those who take their medicine by keeping a grateful attitude, working diligently, and treating their business like a business…they are earning exuberant amounts of money.  As they say in Australia, “Good-on-em!”

Don’t just sit there everyday hoping your finances will be cured…that the government will fix things.  Don’t look at the wealthy and suffer from envy.  Take charge of your future and take action now.  To learn more about how you can join the greatest wealth creation organization, visit www.wminow.com/?ID=n4cerbryant.

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