There are many reasons why people take the decision to say “NO” to their corporate career and venture into the home business sector. The most common reasons being able to spend more time with those that are dear to you, hatred of the Rat Race, generating the income that reflects your worth, as opposed to utilizing your skills so that someone higher up the corporate chain profits from your hard work. Simply put it boils down to you becoming master of your own identity and taking back control of your life.

Whatever the reasons for your decision, there are four simple steps that you should adhere to so that you avoid making a costly mistake and ending up where you began in a JOB!

When researching the opportunity that best suits you, carefully analyze the claims that the opportunity makes….is it believable? Quite honestly anything that uses the word “guarantee” is almost certainly lying. One thing I can “guarantee” is that a successful business doesn’t come without hard work. If you are embarking on this journey with a “get rich quick” mentality then I am afraid to burst your bubble but you will be out of pocket, and consumed with regret.

If someone is offering a life changing income in return for a few hundred dollars and the promise of working no more than a few hours a week, then hit that back button immediately!

Researching the opportunity that catches your eye goes without saying, but so many people fail to do this and dive in. Ideally the company should have operated for at least five years, this will indicate that it is able to withstand the pressure and challenges of what is a rapidly changing industry. Do your research read reviews, but be careful not to be duped with a bad review by someone who is just doing so to promote their own opportunity.

Another common mistake is over investing in an opportunity and then realizing you have no marketing budget to make it work, sounds obvious doesn’t it, but so many people have made this costly mistake. Sure there are free and low cost marketing methods, but these take time to come to fruition. You will need to build your online presence utilizing professional looking blogs and websites and generating traffic to view them, I have personally worked with 6 and 7 figure earners who will have a monthly marketing budget of +$20,000. Of course this is not necessary in the beginning, but a healthy budget is to make things work.

And finally, don’t forget your work space. You must designate an area that ultimately is off limits to other members of your family. Distractions will have a detrimental effect on your new business, so you must set rules regarding your work time and remind everybody that while you are at home you are still working! Take into account the space you will require to function adequately. Computers, fax, printer, laptop, manuals, stationery…the list goes on, so it is important to create and design a comfortable environment to carry out your tasks.

So four areas to consider before making the break from employee to entrepreneur, remember the foundation to your enterprise are as important to the foundations when building a house, get that wrong and things will always be susceptible to collapse, so be brave, be diligent and begin your entrepreneurial journey with a solid base.

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