Bypassing the blistering reality that banks aren’t making small or medium size business loans. Lines of credit are deal. Hard money predators are out in full force and legitimate funding sources are at an all time low. Companies can take the tried and tested route in hiring a consultant, structuring their company, building strategic alliances, creating a solid board of directors and then authoring the business plan and PPM for the initial raise but why would they when they have so many scammers telling them that they can easily raise the capital with a shelf corporation or reverse merger into a pink sheets public shell.

People in need of capital don’t want to be bothered with the reality the capital is not as easy to obtain as it once was. Entrepreneurs are seeking the quick and easy way out which typically turns out to be the route that ruins their company and depletes their cash flow.

The truth is that your company has to be constructed on the success and failures of your executive staff. These individuals are the lifeblood of your company and their contacts and experience is what will drive your company forward into ongoing self-perpetuating growth.

Don’t believe the hype when it comes to raising fast capital in the corporate realm. Don’t believe that a shelf corporation will do anything but make you and your company look like idiots and don’t think for a minute that there is any way to initiate your first round of capital without an SEC regulated Private Placement Memorandum.

Big brother is always watching and those who try to raise money without the proper structure always get burned. Why not step back, take a breath and start off your campaign to raise your first round of capital the right way with a private placement memorandum, then a direct public offering then move onto the public offering on the OTCBB.

Why not for a change, do things the correct way, using the structures that are conducive to actually raising capital the legitimate way as opposed to the fast and easy way.

The fast an easy way is often the wrong way and in the end there is no capital being raised at all, only headaches and lawsuits. Find a consultant with the experience of taking startup companies and expansion mode companies public.

Don’t waste time with the scammers. Raise capital the right way and you’ll never have to redo the process.

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