Statistics from major world economic powerhouses show the undeniable fact that online sales are on the increase and it has been doing so for the past six consecutive years. This is despite the fact that the world economy was and is faced with a severe recession. This has strongly influenced many individuals to engage in online business opportunities. By virtual of the set up of these businesses being relatively easy, ecommerce has grown in leaps and bounds.

The internet has vast opportunities and a huge potential for anyone willing to join the fray.  Outlined below are various opportunities that could earn anyone extra income irrespective of his/her job status.

  • Setting up a content site – This would entail coming up with a site that will offer a platform for the display of contextual adverts. A classic example of this is Adsense by Google. This money making venture may seem complex to a fresh start but it definitely works. A low priced keyword is paid for in any advertising program. This keyword directs users to a page that has a higher paying contextual advertising program. Thus in simple terms, you invest $1 and make $2.
  • Multi level marketing– This is a form of online business opportunity that requires promotion of a company’s products. You will need to come up with a marketing team. You can even recruit family and friends. Any sale by any member of the team is compensated as well any new member recruited. This in turn means that any sale they make will see a certain percentage trickle to you. This kind of business strategy might not be allowed by law in other countries.  The internet has opened up this model to many as a way to reach beyond pitching to family and friends.
  • Provide web content– This will entail you placing articles on sites and getting paid for it. Various webmasters pay freelance writers to come up with articles on any topic under the sun.
  • Web hosting– This is an extremely viable online business. If you have the technical expertise and know how, you can make a decent living for yourself by selling or leasing space on a server you own and providing internet service. These enable individual and organizational websites to be viewable on the World Wide Web.

This is by no means a complete list.  By virtual of the sheer vastness of the internet and its reach- millions of people transact business daily on the internet, online business opportunities are evolving at a very fast rate. It is very important for an entrepreneur to be able to:

  •       Determine the legitimacy of a business before any investment is done on his/her part.
  •       Have a plan of growth and  research on such aspects as shipping, web hosting payments, payment processing etc
  •       Protect customer safety and trust by ensuring that they are not fleeced off their money internet scams.

Respectfully Dedicated To Your Massive Success!

Derek Bayer

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    February 2nd, 2010 at 10:35 pm

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