The Internet marketing business is today’s new gold mine. As more and more people, reeling from the effects of a deteriorating global economy, turn to the Internet for salvation, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the possibilities available. When confronted with a myriad of opportunities for making money online, many prospective entrepreneurs who are considering the launch of an Internet marketing business first wonder how to go about starting it. The next question that invariably arises, and one that is even more pressing, is how to run it. Because while it is true that an Internet marketing business can provide tremendous value to an individual by completely re-engineering your income making and long-term career potential, there are a lot of challenges to overcome.

There are two basic approaches to starting an Internet marketing business. The first, of course, would be the path of the true entrepreneur. In this situation, the entrepreneur does everything from scratch. The Internet marketing business is put together one piece at a time to form a cohesive and functional operation. Anyone who revels in the thrill of creation, and absolutely insists on reinventing the wheel every time, will prefer this approach. It gives the entrepreneur latitude as to how the business is set up, operated, and ultimately how profitable it is.

The Essential Skills for Marketing On the Internet Effectively.

The problem of course is that there are not many people who have all of the requisite skill sets to do this effectively. Although it is simple in principle, mastering every facet of an Internet marketing business is very difficult indeed. Even if someone can successfully launch and manage a built-from-scratch Internet marketing business, the speed with which technologies and best-practices change makes staying abreast of the industry almost impossible, at least for the individual entrepreneur. And the unfortunate fact is that for a successful Internet marketing business to remain successful, it is essential that the entrepreneur at the helm adapt and adjust to changes in the marketplace and in the business landscape.

An alternative approach is to buy an already established Internet marketing business and launch it on the fly. Although this approach denies the entrepreneur some level of control, it also dramatically improves the probability of success. Utilizing an established business model that has been tried and tested in the marketplace, an entrepreneur who deploys a turnkey Internet marketing business model tremendously improves the time-to-market and the ultimate profitability of the enterprise.

Research: A Key to Success

The challenge, of course, to finding such a turnkey Internet marketing business is in separating the true and legitimate Internet marketing business models from the scams and rip-offs that are so common online. Because where a tried and proven business model dramatically improves the likelihood of success, signing on with a scam or rip-off almost certainly guarantees failure.

For any entrepreneur considering the prospect of deploying an established Internet marketing business model, the primary key to success is thorough and rigorous due diligence. Only by strenuously vetting all of the opportunities available, and then by verifying not only their legitimacy, but their alignment with personal goals and objectives, can a prospective Internet entrepreneur have any hope whatsoever of succeeding.

The practice of conducting due diligence for an Internet marketing business opportunity, while relatively simple, can be extremely time consuming. Nevertheless, it is an essential exercise in the pursuit of online success. Typically, the process starts by verifying the legitimacy of the opportunity with the applicable state Attorney General’s office, the Federal Trade Commission, the Better Business Bureau, and any local business groups in the town where the targeted opportunity is headquartered. Prospective entrepreneurs should also identify who owns the URL of the prospective Internet marketing businesses website and then conduct a Google search on the individuals listed. Once these basic efforts have been undertaken and validated, the prospective Internet marketer can move onto the next step. And this is the ultimate test of the legitimacy of any Internet marketing business opportunity. The prospective entrepreneur must contact fellow entrepreneurs who are already working the business and who can validate claims made as to profitability and legitimacy. These contacts should be comprehensive and should occur not only via e-mail, but on the phone as well. Furthermore, these efforts should not be limited to one or two individuals. The more business owners that are contacted and interviewed, the more thorough the evaluation can be, and more data can be collected for the final decision-making process.

Today’s modern Internet marketing business carries tremendous potential for profit and long-term financial stability. Furthermore, an Internet marketing business can be run from the comfort of the home with virtually none of the negative factors that typically creep into a brick and mortar small business. The income that can be earned, and the freedom of time and lifestyle that follow are all very desirable. Regardless of whether the entrepreneur is inclined to start an Internet marketing business from scratch or prefers, instead, to buy into an already established business model, solid planning and realistic goals are essential. Finally, an Internet marketing business is just that—a business. It requires the same dedication, focus, commitment, and hard work that any other business would require. Internet marketing is not a panacea to financial problems or a path to overnight wealth. Instead, it is a real solution for anyone looking to improve the present and secure the future.

written by: Eliot Merk

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