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A good web designer is worth more than a team of sales people reports the British independent council for web design in leeds. Lord Cook the governments czar for web development and design and who heads up the world standards commissions on internet policy was recently quoted in the national press that if a business fails to take action against bad web design then the internet as we know it will cease to exist.


Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of advertising for small businesses. In order to be successful on the internet and maximise the benefits of the internet, a small business needs to implement a result driven marketing strategy on the internet. The real benefits of the internet can be realised only if a business is able to use the internet to market its products and services.


Article Marketing is a great way to build your business,and links building is a critical job for developing link popularity. Link popularity is one of the measures taken in consideration by most search engines to rank your web pages. The number and the quality of links on your website would also play an crucial role in raising your page ranking. You can implement various strategies such as article writing, the use of software and other tools to raise your link popularity.


If you haven’t read part one or two in this series simply visit to get your free copy now which covers Discover How To Create Leads For Your Internet Marketing Promotion Business (part one) And Following Up Until You Get Action In Your Internet Marketing Promotion Business (part two)


Directory submission is an intelligent way of increasing your visibility on the internet. It helps to create presence in the market and attract visitors to your website. Internet, which was a secondary medium of advertising and marketing a decade ago, has now become an important platform of marketing. It is no more a secondary method of communication and advertising.

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