Silver Plate or Sterling Silver, That’s the Question!

Quick note today, A sneaky way to buy undervalued silver as an investment is to keep your eye open for sterling silver items like: flatware (cutlery), water pitchers, candlesticks, collectibles, etc... Although sterling silver is only 925 parts silver out of 1000 you can take it to be melted and … [Read more...]

New Years Market Update

Hi folks, After responding to many emails over the holiday period and into the new year many of you know that although busy with our antique and jewellery business and a quick vacation to Mexico my stance on gold/silver remains strong! Would like to point out that I sold the majority of my double … [Read more...]

The Conspiracy Against Your Money

Hello wealth creators, It's a chile sunny Thursday morning here in Toronto on this special Remembrance Day. Shortly we will take a moment to remember and think about all the soldiers that have so courageously fought for our freedom! On a quick note I wanted to share with you a little insight into … [Read more...]

Trading Vs. Investing Stocks, Options, Futures & FOREX

Afternoon, When playing the market you are either taking the stance as a trader or investor. It might not sound like a big difference but it really is. As a trader you are quickly in and out of positions as you are aiming to capitalize on short term movements. Thus when you enter a trade, like … [Read more...]

Wealth Creation, How Do You Even Start?

When it comes to creating wealth the first question most people wonder is how? Although talking about how is a great start, looking at how not to create wealth needs to be taken into consideration. The harsh reality is that you will likely never become wealthy working for others and getting paid by … [Read more...]

The Gold and Silver Debate is it a bubble already?

Seems like all I write about these days has to do with the discussion of the precious metals story between gold and silver. Well it's know wonder, both are up handsomely on almost any timeframe. With QE2 on the horizon, a deflation in asset prices underway and hyperinflation to follow in most consumer … [Read more...]

TSFA – Your Tax Free Savings Account Will Save Your Capital Gains In Canada

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Sell Your Gold Fast

Hi friends, Quick update as I am sitting on the Go-Train waiting for it to go south into the city to attend my first real Physio appointment for my shoulder. With this weeks all time high in gold and 20-30 year high in silver a pull back is to be expected. Watch your technicals here for the best … [Read more...]

Economic Update & Market Watch

Hello, It's a cool Sunday afternoon here just north of Toronto and I am recovering from a monster shoulder cuff operation where the entire cuff has been lodged in the side of my neck for the last six years after the first surgery didn't hold following a near deadly motorcycle accident.  Fortunately we … [Read more...]

Pay Attention To The Risks Attached To The Online Forex Market

Thanks for modern internet trading tools it is possible for people in different parts of the world to use the online Forex market to trade in all major world currencies. In any case, when it concerns Forex trading there is no one central location where all trades need to be executed because all trades … [Read more...]

Compact History Of Stocks, Finance And Money

The World Bank claims that some two billion of the world's citizens live on $1 per day or less! That fact absolutely traumatized me. With this statistic in mind it becomes significant to focus on all of the things that have helped as money over the history of civilization. Aztecs used Cocoa beans, Norwegians … [Read more...]

What Is A Stock Exchange Market?

The entity that allows people to trade stocks and securities is referred to as a stock exchange market. This is a vehicle in which people can issue or redeem securities or other financial securities or to pay dividends or income from shares. Commonly traded securities on the stock exchange market include … [Read more...]