New Years Market Update

Hi folks,

After responding to many emails over the holiday period and into the new year many of you know that although busy with our antique and jewellery business and a quick vacation to Mexico my stance on gold/silver remains strong!

Would like to point out that I sold the majority of my double long gold ETF to buy a double long silver ETF as I feel silver will continue to outperform gold as this presious movement moves forward!

I continue to own a inverse ETF on the S&P 500 as I feel the economy has know real strength accept for the fact the Fed is secretly buying to make the market go higher giving the economy a false perception of reality. They have openly admitted to buying bonds and estimates are that they are buying upwards of 80% of them! However because of this I am fighting a huge wall and will look to exit shortly should this nonsense continue and the market goes higher.

Keep the questions coming and like the rest, all the best this year!


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