Sell Your Gold Fast

Hi friends,

Quick update as I am sitting on the Go-Train waiting for it to go south into the city to attend my first real Physio appointment for my shoulder.

With this weeks all time high in gold and 20-30 year high in silver a pull back is to be expected.

Watch your technicals here for the best entry to buy more, as the fundamentals and reasons for the bullish trend have not changed and will not for years to come.

As a passive investor you have nothing to worry about. Don’t listen to any of the so called experts on tv that may be telling you this is a bubble and to sell while gold is high.

As for you traders the trend is clear and if you want to actively play it I am sure you will begin to see some patterns in it’s movement and really make some nice gains.

Happy Thanks Giving weekend here to all my fellow Canadians.

Have a good one,

Kirk Paterson

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