Silver Plate or Sterling Silver, That’s the Question!

Quick note today,

A sneaky way to buy undervalued silver as an investment is to keep your eye open for sterling silver items like: flatware (cutlery), water pitchers, candlesticks, collectibles, etc…

Although sterling silver is only 925 parts silver out of 1000 you can take it to be melted and receive an accurate weigh of the correct measurement.

People are catching on to this so best to scoop up what you can when you can, you will have to do a little math on your own to know what equates to a profitable find and what doesn’t.

Hint, the price of silver has gone up astronomically in the last five years and a lot of retail businesses have not increased their price let alone thrift shops and garage sale finds.

Further if you happen to find pieces marked by a designer as these lower end sales, you might have really scored and thus melting might not be your best source of profit but at least a guaranteed option.

You do want to stay away from silver plate as there is no melt value.


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