The Conspiracy Against Your Money

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It’s a chile sunny Thursday morning here in Toronto on this special Remembrance Day. Shortly we will take a moment to remember and think about all the soldiers that have so courageously fought for our freedom!

On a quick note I wanted to share with you a little insight into The Conspiracy Against Your Money DVD. After receiving a lot of positive feedback from viewers and many questions from people yet informed it became clear that most people do not know why gold and silver along with all the other precious metals are getting stronger while the purchasing power of the USD the United States Dollar is getting weaker.

Bottom line this is the conspiracy against your money and why we elected to name the DVD accordingly.

In 1914 the United States government decided to create the FED the Federal Reserve a means of last resort to protect the banks in case another run on them took place like in 1908.

However the Federal Reserve is not Federal and although claims to be a non profit organization it actually profits a fixed 6% after expenses. How can you lie to the people and say this private group of bankers that controls the United States that makes 6% after expenses is a non profit organization? Furthermore, that they have the peoples best interest in mind when that 6% profit comes from the tax payers money. If you have yet to here it’s the biggest ponzi scheme going, so big it’s started to be called the Sammy scheme in honor of Uncle Sam!

Fast forward to 1971 and the United States under President Nixon chose to get off the gold standard. By gold standard I mean that up to that point every USD printed had to be backed by a certain amount of gold that was physically held in the US. Like in the vault at Fort Knox for example.

The idea behind going off the gold standard was to increase growth through unaccounted and uncontrolled spending. Do you think they may have succeed with that? Joking aside, there are consequences to this mandate which are showing as severe cracks in our financial system.

Inside The Conspiracy Against Your Money you will learn why these cracks are so deep and likely to big to fill. The Conspiracy Against Your Money DVD will show you how to position yourself, family and friends to take advantage of this 50 trillion dollar wealth transfer that’s taking place. While the majority of the middle class that remains uninformed will experience a higher level of financial struggle than ever before and quite possibly may lose it all.

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