The Gold and Silver Debate is it a bubble already?

Seems like all I write about these days has to do with the discussion of the precious metals story between gold and silver.

Well it’s know wonder, both are up handsomely on almost any timeframe.

With QE2 on the horizon, a deflation in asset prices underway and hyperinflation to follow in most consumer related products this story is still in it’s embryo stage.

Rumor had it that there is said to be 100 times less gold on the market than we’ve been led to believe due to manipulation in the metals market. Well it’s looking like that number is only about 45:1 but it also includes silver.

What this means is that the real value of gold and silver are easily worth 45 times there current price.

Are you excited by this or what!

While this does spell the end to an era, a lot of uncertainty and likely much more civil unrest to follow. You can really come out ahead if your positioned properly and in a timely fashion.

Further when gold and silver reach these upper price levels everybody and their dog will be in on it and thats when we will be selling. That’s when this bubble is going to burst.

That’s when the new financial system will emerge.

That’s when I will be sharing how to get out before the middle class loses it all agin.

Happy hump day,


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