Top Stocks & ETFs


Welcome to my favorite page, Top Stocks.

We are all here to make money and in here I will offer the stocks that I feel have the most excitement and high growth potential.

1) Falcon Oil & Gas (FO.V & FOLGF)
2) PetroHunter (PHUN)

Between them they own 7 million acres of unconventional oil & gas in Australia. They are trading for pennies and looking to partner with some large players in there industry to drill and excavate. Here is a video interviewing the CEO Marc Bruner of Falcon and a link to a recent news release from Petrohunter. I work closely with some of the sharpest minds in the financial industry and there is speculation that Falcon could be the stock of the century. Pay close attention to the interview with Marc.″>

A side from stocks, I am a believer that the bear market rally is or has come to an end and that long ETF’s on Gold/Silver & long inverse ETFs on the market indexes will show great returns in the coming years as the markets crash and gold/silver move higher.

Shoot me back if you are¬†unfamiliar¬†with ETF’s.

*** Disclaimer: These are my picks and are not buy or sell recommendations, trading and investing requires risk. Any investment decisions you make are done so at your own risk.