I enjoyed the good fortune to have breakfast with Ryan Nelson last week. Twice, in fact. Quite an experience. It was both a gustatory exploration of Texas breakfast cuisine, and a graduate level course in SEO. In both regards, totally unique.

My business partner and I were in Texas specifically to meet with Ryan. We’re working on his e-book that will basically blow people away. Anyone who markets online, that is. But when you think about it, that’s pretty much anybody, at least nowadays.

This was just supposed to be a relaxing breakfast, before we actually started our day. It didn’t quite turn out that way—with Ryan, it never does. For Christmas, I’m getting him a sweatshirt that says, “If I’m talking, you should be taking notes.” Because when he is, you should be.

Since Ryan works into the wee hours, breakfast was late. We all rallied at the Katy Waffle House around 10. My business partner, a finicky eater to say the least, was skeptical.

And here’s where the whole Texas culinary thing first came into play. Ryan told us that if you move to Texas, you should expect to gain 10 pounds, right off the bat.

He then proceeded to order the Waffle Special Breakfast, or something like that. Eggs (scrambled). Toast. Bacon. Hash browns. And of course, a waffle. A mountain of food, that Ryan packed away like it was nothing.

Now, Ryan’s not fat—not by any stretch of the imagination. But at just under 30, if he keeps eating like that, he soon will be. Take my word for it, speaking of course, from experience.

The food was awesome by the way. My business partner said it was the best waffle she had ever eaten. High praise, indeed.

Ryan Nelson And His Personality

Ryan’s one of those instantly likable guys that you meet sometimes. Genuinely a nice person. Funny. Easy to talk to. And smart.

Very smart.

“Don’t broadcast your articles out to the internet,” he told us. “Google’ll ignore them. And penalize you. Send ‘em out, one per distribution service, one at a time. Thataway (a Ryanism) Google’ll gobble ‘em up.”

So the marketers that like to shotgun distribute articles may be getting their name out there, but it’s not helping their SEO process. Yours either, if you do that.

Just an FYI.

“If it’s on the internet, it’s gotta be true,” he said. “People’ll believe whatever they see online. So if you’re authoritative, whatever it is you’re writing about, people will believe it.”

Now he’s not suggesting that you should go about lying online. Because if you do, people will believe you. And it’s a safe bet that a lot of marketers have already figured that out, and are doing it every day.

Just an observation.

“Google loves links,” Ryan said. “If there are a lot of links to your site, Google assumes that a lot of people value your content. You’re relevant. Thataway, you move up in the rankings.”

He even told us how to go out and get those links. How about that?

Ryan kept talking. Long after our plates were clean and cleared. On both days this happened.

“Key word research,” he said. “That’s where it starts. If you haven’t researched your keywords, you’ll never be search engine optimized. As simple as that.”

I believe him. He even promised to tell us exactly how to do it. But that we’ll save that for the e-book.

Ryan was knocking off computer games before he could (legally) drive. He made some money. And he took some heat. But it’s really a techno-accomplishment of the highest order. Particularly because Ryan’s self taught.

He went to college and has a degree. In theatre. Besides SEO, he’s a master at theatrical swordfighting. See if you can figure that one out.

“Never stuff key words,” Ryan told us. “Know what’s relevant, and tell the story. Write natural. Thataway, the keywords will take care of themselves.”

If anyone has ever tried to read an SEO article from India, you’ll immediately know what key word stuffing is. Everybody in India should be required to read Ryan’s e-book.

But if Ryan’s polishing an SEO article for one of his clients, he takes care of the keyword density. And he has a lot of ways to do it. But again, we’ll leave those methods for the e-book.

After more than 2 hours of an informal—and spot on—SEO education, it was time for us to head back to Ryan’s house and get to work. The e-book can’t wait any longer. Too many people need it.

When it comes out, in a couple of weeks or so, internet marketers all over the world will have two options. At least if they want to get rich online.

They can buy Ryan’s e-book.

Or hire him.

The e-book will be cheaper by a long shot.

But hiring him would definitely be more fun.

by: Kerry Lohrman

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    September 19th, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    Ryan Nelson can be found at http://RyanNelson.com and His New SEO Site http://FranchiseBusinesswiki.com/ryan-nelson

    Thanks Ryan For All You Have Done!

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