There’s a little bit of confusion as to whether SEO and internet marketing is an art or a science. It is actually more science than art, because there is a systematic way to go about acquiring traffic and generating buzz for a website and product. Only thing required is that a person understands the basics and knows what tools to use.

SEO Basics: Keeping visitors happy and adding more visitors is what SEO is all about. For this purpose, it’s a lot better to be an expert on whatever the website is all about, rather than be some kind of SEO whizkid. Other than that, all that really needs be done is to use the right kind of platform like WordPress for a blog or joomla as a CMS. Make sure to read Google’s webmaster section tips and guidelines for optimization.

Keyword Tools: The first thing that any SEO campaign needs is a list of relevant keywords to work with. Everything that comes after that is based on one of the keywords in the list, so it is of utmost importance to do this the right way. The best keywords are those which have high query volumes and are being consistently bid on by the site’s potential competitors.

As an expert in the field, it’s not hard to know what keywords are important for SEO. But there are better ways to do it in a scientific manner, using keyword generation tools. The Google Adwords tool is by far the best of the lot, but others like SpyFu and Wordstream work just as well.

Onsite Optimization: The main part of onsite SEO is about matching pages with specific keywords. It’s important to have the keyword in the page title and the URL. Other than that, it’s best to leave things to flow naturally. Keyword insertions within the content, if any, should never break the flow of the page and its message. It’s always better to leave existing content as is and focus on building new landing pages for each keyword.

To make the whole process easy on a long-term basis, use a blog platform or CMS which can automatically generate titles and URLs and create a proper internal linking system, which is a good strategy for all Internet marketing practices. To enhance visitor experience, tweak the design templates, use bigger fonts and improve page loading speed with better back-end scripts and a faster web host.

Link Building: Incoming links are pretty important, as far as search algorithms are concerned. What a link building campaign does is work with the keywords and content creators to acquire targeted links for each page, based on the keyword. The essence of it is to reach out to and establish relationships with like-minded and important website owners. The actual transaction needs a certain amount of experience, so unless the webmaster is aware of terms like three way link deals or sitewide links, it is better to get a professional to do this.

Analytics: Very important to have powerful analytics that can take raw logs and offer comprehensive analytical data. This includes keywords, referring source, landing pages, time spent, visitor demographics and clickthru data for banner and text ads. This data is what tells webmasters what is working and what visitors seem to like more. Provides room for doing more of what works and shows which sections need improvement.

In summary, SEO and internet marketing is not some secret recipe. But like everything else on the internet, there are ways to make it easier and tools and software that can be used. Other than that, it’s just plain hard work and talent, not to mention a useful product and/or service.

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