Although a lot of people view the online community as a place without face to face interaction, just the opposite is happening with the explosion of social networking and video branding in the world of Web 2.0 marketing.  Social networks allow you to reach out to your potential prospects by providing you with the tools you need to shake hands online and meet people face to face.  Let’s talk about some of the ways social networking is used as a tool to put your best foot forward in the professional online business world.

Social Networking Sites Such As Facebook

 Although social networking was originally viewed as being for the younger crowd, more and more professional people are establishing a business presence on Facebook.  Although the main functionality of sites like Facebook is not for personal selling, it is an extremely effective tool for setting up a professional profile and offering high quality useful information that establishes your credibility as an expert in your field.

 Helping others on sites such as Facebook allows you to reach out to others with valuable information that will improve their life or solve a problem.  This is a very strong virtual handshake in itself and it is one that people will remember and return to in the future.  What’s more is you can use videos on Facebook to meet your prospects face to face.

 140 Characters Can Go a Long Way

 The invention of Twitter has showed the world that 140 characters can exert a lot of energy when it comes to offering high quality and useful information.  Twitter is another social networking site that online business professionals use to establish a profile and “tweet” high quality information that is related to their field of expertise in 140 character messages.  The site also allows you to get involved in groups with similar interests and to “shake hands” with other professionals in your area of business.

 Video Marketing and Branding

 As you grow your online business you will learn about the importance of branding as we will also discuss on this website.  Many online business owners use the technology of video marketing to make a lasting first impression on their prospects and to establish their credibility.  Once the video is viewed by online users on sites like YouTube, the word spreads virally across the Internet and you begin to be recognized as a brand.  If you are successful in delivering high quality information and you make a good first impression, your brand will be associated with offering quality.

 If you are a new online business owner you can use video to introduce yourself to your prospects and create a powerful introduction to yourself and your expertise.  Many online business owners place the video on the home page of their site which the visitors can view as soon as they arrive at the site.  This is a much more powerful first impression than simply handing out business cards and your prospects will remember the face to face introduction and return to your site in the future.

 Online Business and Web 2.0 Marketing

 If you are new to online business you are coming on board at a time when social networking is becoming the preferred way of marketing and meeting other business people through the “virtual handshake.”  The increase in the use of social networking and online branding is becoming widely recognized by the search engines and as a result the information you post on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are now starting to be indexed with the search engines if you include search engine optimization in your posts (more on that later).

 The increased acceptance of social networking online has led to the evolution of what is known as Web 2.0 marketing so welcome aboard because you are in for the ride of your life as you build your online business.  Internet marketing experts are already in the process of predicting what will happen with Web 3.0 which should bring some exciting tools to use for online business owners in the years to come.

Respectfully Dedicated To Your Massive Success!

Derek Bayer

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