Setting Your Compass With Pyxism

Set your compass to the Horizon with Pyxism.

Pyxism is the newest version of yet another MLM company entering the industry. It is the newest marketing company to sell discount travel packages. Pyxism was founded by Lloyd Wilson and started in January of 2008.

Pyxism is a network marketing company that encourages its members to capitalize on four top trends in the market right now.

  1. Travel is the fastest growing industry in the world, totaling over 8 trillion dollars. Even in these economically hard times the industry grew by 9% last year and is expected to do the same this year. *
  2. The Internet, it connects people all over the world with the push of a button. 53% of all money spent over the Internet is spent on travel. *
  3. The Home Based Business phenomenon. At any given moment there are millions looking for a home based business. Every week 175 000 new home businesses are started. *
  4. Baby Boomers, every 18 seconds for the next 18 years a Baby Boomer will retire. They want extra income and love to travel. *

Pyxism has one of the lowest start up costs for an MLM Company. To enter in at the Compass Level the cost is $299 for a Compass level vacation package and an annual affiliate fee of $50 making the grand total $349. The Horizon level costs $500 for a Horizon level vacation package along with the $299 for the Compass level vacation package as well as the $50 affiliate fee making the grand total $849.

For those who are more ambitious or may not have the capital to put into the company they can work their way into each level. You must pay the $50 affiliate fee as well as selling 6 of the Compass and Horizon Level vacation packages and passing up your commissions until your matrix is full.

Pyxism is a company trying to thrive in a highly competitive industry. The company refers to its Compensation Plan as the Ultimate Leverage. It is a 2X2 matrix system with positions being filled in 1 of 4 ways.

  1. Personally Sponsoring
  2. Spill over from up line
  3. Spill under from people you sponsor
  4. Re-entry of leadership team

The Plan keeps teams together, filling each matrix faster so people can quickly cycle out. It consists of two levels, Compass and Horizon. You also receive bonuses as you cycle through and out of each Matrix.

The reality to this compensation plan is that until you get six people to fill your matrix you do not get paid regardless of which level you are in. In order to fill your matrix you may need to recruit individuals for others so that your matrix fills faster. While Pyxizm claims their compensation plan to be the Ultimate Leverage it is also very confusing. It has great potential for extra income like any other MLM company it requires people. The more people on your team will always equal more money in your pocket.

Pyxism subscribes to the philosophy that successful people find a powerful role model and do what they do. If you decide to join Pyxism you have an opportunity to become a part of PyxismPreneurs.

Pyxism has put together a team of top performing individuals that contribute to the training and building up of a team. Training helps the beginner who needs help purchasing a domain to the advanced marketer who is looking for ad strategies.

Setting your compass with Pyxism has great earning potential. It is a perfect opportunity for those looking to work from home, for people just looking for some extra cash or for those who love to travel.

*All figures were taken off the Pyxism official website.

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