This Sozo MLM opportunity review is an unbiased evaluation of the SoZo MLM business.

Sozo is a relatively new MLM opportunity that features a health and wellness targeted nutritional product that is derived from coffee berries.

For those of you who might be confused about the source, coffee berries are the fruit of the coffee bush, which contains the highly sought-after bean that we use to prepare our morning brew. The fruit that surrounds the bean itself is typically discarded because there was no market for it, and even if there was, transporting and profitably processing was next to impossible.

As it turns out, that fruit is arguably the most important part of the coffee plant because it is rich in powerful anti-oxidants and very low in caffeine. The SoZo company has figured out a way to profitably ship and process the coffee berry fruit into a nutritional drink.

SoZo claims that its product is an incredibly nutritious and functional beverage that has no preservatives and no artificial flavors or colors. The company says that one three-ounce serving a day delivers the antioxidant protection of 20 servings of fruits and vegetables.

It is clear that SoZo is targeting Monavie and their acai berry juice. In both cases, the juices are touted as the latest and greatest way to improve health and overall physical wellness. The true effectiveness of such claims is invariably cause for some measure of debate.

The SoZo business model is based on automatic replenishment. Customers buy monthly supplies of the product for about $100 per order, and then it is auto-shipped every month. This supply is enough for one person, so the number increases as household members begin using the product.

As far as the beverage itself, the SoZo product is a thick red liquid with a suspension of the original plant matter clearly visible, similar to tomato juice. The taste is totally different, however, with a slightly sweet and tart berry flavor. It is not altogether unpleasant, but it’s not exactly thirst quenching or necessarily refreshing either. It takes some getting used to.

The SoZo business opportunity is a traditional MLM network, right now at the early stages of growth. For those seeking a ground-floor MLM opportunity, SoZo might well fit the bill, since it began operations in the fall of 2009.

The company promotes a two-legged compensation plan and claims that there are 9 different ways to get paid. In order to receive commission checks, SoZo distributors must be active with their own auto-ship plan and be current on their payments to the company.

In other words, you can only sell the product and opportunity if you yourself are using it on a regular basis.

In addition to personal consumption, SoZo dealers should also plan on purchasing a stock supply of product to serve as samples for prospective customers. SoZo distributors report that a typical monthly purchase volume is consistently in the $300 range.

Potential entrepreneurs should view the SoZo opportunity as a traditional MLM retail operation, where the business owner buys product at wholesale prices and then resells them with a marked up profit. By convincing customers to sign up for auto-ship, the coveted passive stream of recurring income can come into play.

Make no mistake about it—SoZo is a traditional product-based multi-level marketing opportunity.

SoZo carries with it the typical potential reward of geometric income growth—as well as the typical risk of an eroding, inconsistent, or uncommitted downline.

As with any prospective MLM business opportunity, caveat emptor—let the buyer beware. Hopefully, you will find this Sozo MLM opportunity review useful in your quest for a network marketing business.

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  1. Reid Yerty Says:

    April 2nd, 2010 at 12:22 pm

    This is a good piece, I was wondering if I could use this article on my website, I will link it back to your website though. If this is a problem please let me know and I will take it down right away.

  2. Matthew C. Kriner Says:

    April 3rd, 2010 at 7:03 pm

    there are many great mlm businesses out there

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