Global Information Network makes it so easy to join! They gave me $5,000 and a free cruise back in April! I researched and ran numbers and it turned out that the worst thing that would happen is that I would make $2,200 or 80% return in 12 months. Hmm, a company was actually going to pay me to be a member! I dove in a little deeper to the membership and business model and found out that GIN is very unique because of the membership based system allowing huge incentives to members to drive business.

That promotion is no where near as lucrative as this one in July! Here is why… you don’t need to sell, recruit, or buy anything, just sit back and wait for the cash!

Global Information Network’s July promotion is set up to pay anyone who joins $10,000 cash in 24 months. That is one of the only two requirements, stay a member for 24 months. The second, attend one of the several GIN weekend, networking events in the next year. That’s it, no selling, recruiting, stocking, buying products or any MLM activities required for you to earn the bonus… simply check out the membership.

Let’s Take A Look At The Numbers

Your cost for the entire 24 months is $4,600 ($1,000 to join and 24 months dues at $150/month). Without doing anything you will make $5,400 profit ($10,000-$4,600). You just made 117% return on your money!

Now, I am going to show you why you will want to engage a little bit with the promotion in July. You can increase that profit and cash bonus dramatically. Global Information Network will pay you an additional $2,000 for each member you refer. So let’s say you get another 10 members… how about $20,000 more in bonus cash?

But there is more! There are standard bonuses that are part of the commission as well. You will earn $200 for each member immediately and 20% of their monthly dues paid monthly. So with just 10 new members you will get $2,000 cash up front and $300 (20% of $150 = $30 X 10members)

In 24 months this totals $7,200. Add that to your July bonus money of $30,000 and you now have $39,200. But the membership still only cost you $4,600 so your profit is now $34,000.

Global Information Network is set up to be an extremely profitable business venture for you. The membership style business model allows them to constantly give members promotions like this to drive the memberships. What Network Marketing company out there will actually pay you cash to be a member? NONE!

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