There are a plethora of MLM opportunities. First let’s understand the business model.  MLM (Multi Level Marketing) is exactly what it’s name implies.  A business model based on multiple tiers.  Which ever tier you find yourself (unless you’re in the top tier – then you wouldn’t be reading this!) you will have an “up-line” above you and a “downline” below you.  You maybe thinking well that sounds just like any corporate job, but the big difference here is those above and below will be ostensibly doing the exact same thing as you.

In a perfect environment you will garner information, training and techniques from your up-line, implement it to build your downline, and in turn pass your knowledge to them, which in theory will create a successful business. Your two income channels will be selling the product and enrolling new members.

All MLM opportunities are different, some focusing on selling the product or service, while the other’s main objective will be on enrolling new sellers.

The important aspect before joining is, do you enjoy using the product and are you comfortable marketing the product ?  Any MLM company worth investing with should offer you trial samples so that you can reach that decision.

MLM opportunities offer a vast spectrum of products and services, from the latest health product discovered in the depths of the Amazon rain forest to stuffing envelopes, in short there is literally something for everyone.

But here’s the BIG question why are you thinking of doing it?  Do you want to supplement your current income or are you looking for a new career, two very different scenarios.  If the former is the reason then this could be the ideal vehicle to achieve that, if you are looking for are looking to generate a satisfactory full time income or even life changing abundant wealth, then, again, MLM could be what you are looking for.  If it is the latter make sure you investigate other home business opportunities such as top tier direct sales, which offer the potential of bigger ticket products which in turn reward you with a more lucrative compensation plan.

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