Have you heard about the latest in the health and wellness industry? Perhaps, a neighbor or friend has started a weight loss plan, utilizing acai berry products?

TriUnity is a multi-level marketing opportunity that markets and distributes acai plus juice. The company is headquartered in San Diego, California. Greg Gunderson, the CEO of TriUnity has many years of successful experience in the MLM industry with the various organizations he has worked with and continues to work with. Much of the staff has also worked in this industry for over 25 years. TriUnity is a younger MLM business, but thus far, it seems to be doing well.

Exactly what is all the hype about acai plus?

This nutritional drink is believed to contain minerals, antioxidants, herbal tea blends, amino acids, vitamins, and energy boosters all from the three exotic fruits it is composed of. These fruits include the mangosteen fruit, the goji berry, and the acai berry. Mangosteen fruit is found in Southeast Asia, while the goji berry comes from China, Tibet, and Mongolia, and the acai berry can be found in Brazil in the Northern Amazon region in the jungle.

Some of the benefits behind these berries include: help to the immune system, strengthened joints, cartilage, respiratory system, and intestines. In addition, this blend of fruit drink is said to be an anti-aging drink and to fight off different diseases in the body (including cancer). Also, studies say this drink helps reduce heart disease and lower cholesterol.

Aside from the acai plus juice, there are also supplements one can take. These supplements, like the juice, are said to boost immunity and energy, while helping with weight loss.

How do I become a distributor for TriUnity?

In order to become a distributor, you simply need to apply online. If you want to start receiving commission checks, you must become a silver, gold, or platinum member. From there, you receive bonuses for everyone that you sign up as a member and anyone who distributes under you. Further, you also receive a portion of the distributors’ sales. TriUnity claims to have a very competitive pay scale compared to other MLM businesses. They offer 65 percent payout in the Top 6 levels, various bonuses for making different achievements and aside from the bonuses already mentioned, company revenue quarterly sharing pools, and monthly car bonuses.

In addition to the competitive commissions, TriUnity offers an ongoing training program. They also provide distributors with extensive support online, a call center, and their website. Moreover, they hold live conference calls each week to help further train individuals.

Like any other multi-level marketing company, realize that you have to put in a lot of effort before bringing the big money. Until your “downline” is established, this may only work as a supplemental income (for your information). TriUnity is a good MLM opportunity to work with right now. There is a big market for health and wellness at the present time and many consumers seem to love acai berry products.

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