Crashproof Prosperity.Crashproof Prosperity is a new financial program developed by three of the most influential financial minds in North America: Gerald Celente, Kip Herriage, and Wayne Allyn Root.  Their tag line is “Becoming Wealthy in the Age of Risk”.

All three of these men have been warning about the failure of worldwide financial systems for several years…and all three of them are on record predicting the financial collapse of 2008. Crashproof Prosperity is a financial  and wealth creation program that combines the knowledge and skills of all three of these men in one place.

Kip Herriage, CEO of a Wealth Masters International is the impetus behind the program. He has been writing a financial newsletter outlining his stock picks and his take on general market trends for the past several years.  Called the VRA Letter, it was originally written for managers of hedge funds, but has since been made public for the individual investor. The full name of the newsletter is the Vertical Research Advisory.

Herriage’s recommendations have managed a whopping 100% return per year for 6 out of the last seven years. It sounds too good to be true, but because all of his recommendations have been published in the Vertical Research Advisory, Herriage has proof behind his claims. His uncanny ability to pick the direction of the markets has earned him the nickname ‘The Nostradamus of Finance’.  The Vertical Research Advisory will be included in the Crashproof Prosperity Program.

Crashproof Prosperity Program

Gerald Celente and Wayne Allyn Root both say they have been approached by other organizations and individuals in the past to create this kind of financial program, but they have never been comfortable associating their names and reputations with anyone until now.  They have both partnered with Kip Herriage and his company, Wealth Masters international, before.  They must have liked what they saw.

Gerald Celente is the founder of the Trends Research Institute and the Trends Journal and he has been highlighted on virtually every American media outlet from Oprah to CNN.  He is widely recognized as the number one trends forecaster in America, if not the world.

Wayne Allyn Root is also no stranger to the media, doing hundreds of interviews per year for major news channels across the United States, like Fox and CNN.  He is a self made millionaire and was the vice presidential candidate for the Libertarian party during the last election.  He is expected to be the Libertarian presidential candidate in 2012. He offers insider business and political commentary to the Crashproof Prosperity community.

The pre-launch phase of the program opened on February third, 2011. According to the company, the pre-launch phase offers no-obligation Crashproof Prosperity Review of the program and what you can expect it to do for you.  They believe it should also allow you to learn enough, just from the pre-launch information to make a substantial difference to your financial future.

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