Franchise Owner: Jeff LearnerOnce an individual has decided which franchise to operate and where, and has received necessary funding to secure the investment, the franchisee must decide which way he will market his new franchise business opportunity. He further needs to devise a social network to help support his marketing strategy that can accomplish his financial goals.

The point behind franchises is taking a chain global.  An individual opens a localized franchise, achieves success, and then, eventually, opens another franchise at another location.  Soon enough, these franchise businesses exist across the map.  To me, the best way to achieve this is by penetrating the online and mobile world.  All industries have moved this direction, and it only makes sense to adapt this application to the franchise world as well.  This is especially important if the franchise one opens is not an Internet business franchise.

The current forms of mobile marketing, which flood the business world include: sms marketing, text message marketing, and SEO.  Of course, there are other forms of marketing, which still apply here.  Signs, billboards, radio advertisement, and television commercials can only help increase traffic to your franchise.  However, if one had to choose, mobile marketing is more personal and effective, and increases the value of a brand far more than by any other mediums.  It offers engagement between consumers and desired brands—again, leaving other forms of marketing in the dust.

Now, if you are a new franchise owner and reading this with questions and blank stares about the previous paragraph, research the unknown.  Ask questions.  These forms of marketing are really “hot” right now, and the Internet can provide you with lots of answers.  To reiterate, the research part of starting a franchise never ends.  Like any other business or work field, constant study of trends and strategies is necessary to thrive in a constant changing world.  Technology is a blessing, but like I said, it changes on a daily basis.

Once one has implemented a mobile marketing campaign, the work continues.  It is not enough to sit back and let business come to him.  The next really important thing is building up a social network platform.  The online Wikipedia defines a social network as “a social structure made up of individuals (or organizations) called “nodes,” which are tied (connected) by one or more specific types of interdependency, such as friendship, kinship, financial exchanges, or knowledge (1).”  Wikipedia goes on to explain that social networks play a “critical role in the degree to which individuals succeed in achieving their goals (1).”

What types of nodes could franchisees find to build ties with and how could this benefit the franchise?

The Internet provides a vast plethora of knowledge.  Online groups post questions and answers through forums, conferences are held, blogs and articles can be found on topics related to franchises, Twitter, linking with similar sites can be helpful, and much more.

I have found value from individuals who post articles regularly about their franchise experience.  One such individual is Jeff Learner.  His knowledge about franchise business opportunities can help other franchisees find success by using the tools he provides.

To recap, one of the most crucial points in helping a franchisee to succeed in his newly found franchise is to stay on top of his industry.  Continuously researching and learning about the business is imperative, while employing a strategic mobile marketing campaign and building up a strong social network.  If one will apply these elements, the chances of his success climb much higher.

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