Hikepoint is a brand new way to get people to use social media for something beneficial to the planet by organising to travel together and ultimately save the environment. With natural resources getting more and more scarce it is the duty and responsibility of everyone on this planet to do as much as possible, however small, to reduce their consumption which in turn helps reduce the carbon footprint and benefit the world in which we all live.

A massive way this can be achieved is through sharing the way we travel rather than all going to the same place by our own means. It makes sense that if we all flew around by private jet, apart from the fact that we couldn’t afford to, rather than in one aeroplane that the environment would suffer and yet we all still end up going to the same places to meet our friends or other activities in many different vehicles and mediums. In fact, with a little thought we can save on money, energy and ultimately, the planet.

HikePoint offers its users different ways to share their travelling needs through various products and services that they can then use to save money, time and do their small bit to help the world at the same time.

HikePoint Uses Social Media To Benefit The World

With all the talk and ongoing hype about how social media is the best thing that ever happened, at least in some peoples opinion, it is unfortunately, in the most part, all based around chatting and business. Few companies are looking to leverage social media to actually benefit the world and give back to the place in which we all live. HikePoint however is one such company that is really going to make a difference in this area and on the way we deal with travelling as a social group.

Unlike most companies, HikePoint has an underlying mission to help out first and then have built a business model on the back of this concept which is so refreshing in today’s world and lifestyle; It’s nice to see someone trying to make a difference rather than just cashing in on the ride.

So how is HikePoint going to interact with social media to achieve this?

HikePoint And Spinglo, The Perfect Partnership

HikePoint has teamed up with a brand new online social media company called Spinglo. It is through this new platform that they are going to market their product and give access to this planet changing concept to the huge number of users that it has. So what exactly is Spinglo?

Spinglo is a social media platform that offers its users huge discounts on various products and brands through its partnership with certain companies. The Spinglo platform allows its users to tailor their pages based on their preferences so that they only see the types of products and services that they might be interested in. In addition to this it allows them a great place to interact with other users to keep up to date with what’s hot and what’s not in many different areas.

The Spinglo user base is built up through a fun and social way by giving its users incentives to invite more people to join through the use of daily, weekly and grand final prizes which can be won by gaining what are called Spinglo points. These points are awarded via various means such as inviting a new friend along or participating in some of the interactive functions of the site. And best of all, Spinglo is free to join and requires no commitment to stay on.

So with this partnership between HikePoint and Spinglo we should all be able to save both money and the environment to make this world a better place. Check out Spinglo for yourself at www.Spinglo.com

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