Research into Mobile marketing Leeds is key if success is to be achieved as it is with all marketing strategies. It might be confusing initially, but once you understand the primary markets, it can become a very effective method of distributing content to millions of potential consumers all over the world. It might not even have to be as expensive as you might think; some options provide the actual distribution methods for free, though logistics change that somewhat.

Short Code And Long Code Messages

Mobile phones allow for short code and long code messages to be sent to their phones. It’s an effective way to advertise, as it can vary in terms of distribution. Short code focuses on using locational advertising, such as the consumer needing to be at the brand’s event or store. When there, they will receive the appropriate messages. Short codes consist of 5 or 6 digit numbers assigned to individual mobile operators for use in their brand campaign. Additionally, all campaigns are checked out before distribution.

Long code is based on the international phone number format and allows businesses to function with their own individual number, rather than having to share one with other brands. It is mostly used for inbound numbers on a non-premium level and can replace short code in this respect.

Bluetooth Marketing

Bluetooth allows for hot spot-oriented content distribution, though it requires permission before the actual transfer begins. It has many benefits though, such as high-speed transfer and the technology is based on radio signals, meaning it is free of charge. While it is still in its infantile stages, some companies are beginning to make full use of this method of marketing.

The iPhone has brought about new methods of marketing in the mobile genre, as it effectively combines the Internet and the mobile phone into a single device. Previous phones capable of this didn’t have the popularity, nor the technology, to do so as incredibly well as the iPhone and as such, it’s become a good location for marketing. Taking advantage of the software such as the sliding system, marketers can create campaigns specific to it. Additionally, it is also possible to use the app store to deliver content through, either directly or through the apps being sold there.

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