There’s a new kid on the block, well not the founder, more the company. It’s called My Lead Company and if all the reports are true then it sounds extremely promising.
They specialise in high volume leads for the network marketing industry.   Later on down the road they will be able to supply other markets as well – such as health and wellness.

These leads are being offered at low cost for as little as $199.95 per 5000.   Delivered weekly they can be stopped at any time and are set to contain more information than just name and email. Only time will tell how well targeted they will be.

Set up by J R Jackson who has been in internet marketing since around 1996, he has seen success in various MLM companies and is now trying to help others in lead generation which he feels is the major hurdle for most online entrepreneurs.



It would be remiss of me not to mention the compensation plan which is claimed to be unique and protected under international copyright law.

It’s a straight line system with everyone joining up on the same leg.  Somebody who joins after you goes under you.  So, the quicker you join the higher up you are.

There are various levels of compensation which I won’t go into here because down at My Lead Company they can explain it better than I can.




To become an affiliate is simple enough with the added bonus that it costs nothing to join. You will need an AlertPay account but that can be opened during the sign up process. The whole thing takes only a few minutes.

To find out more about My Lead Company and see how this could help your business click here

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