Despite all of the opportunities that the Internet has to offer, there are still entrepreneurs that are hesitant to move their existing business to the Internet or start a new business online.  You would think with all of the opportunities that are available online for expanding your business entrepreneurs would jump at the chance. 

 The reality is not so with some entrepreneurs who have let some of the myths of the Internet cloud their perceptions of doing business in the online world.  Here are 8 online business myths debunked that are preventing entrepreneurs from setting up an online presence.

 1.  The Internet is a fad that will soon go away.  Nothing could be farther from the truth as the Internet continues to expand and most online merchants saw their biggest profits happen during the holiday season this year and the information publishing industry has soared to new heights.  This means that more people are turning to the convenience of the Internet for online shopping and to look for solutions to their problems.

 2.  My business is too small:  The reality is that people prefer to deal with small businesses so they get the one-on-one attention they crave. It is very similar to visiting a mom and pop business on the street where you receive personalized attention and service.  Studies have shown that although giants like Wal-Mart came in and took out the mom and pop stores, society is reverting back to the need for personalized service.

 3.  A website is not necessary.  A website will allow your customers to do business with you 24 hours a day and while you are away from your computer.  A website gives you the opportunity to provide personalized service at a time that is convenient for your customers.  What’s more is you are not bound to a business with normal business hours and you can enjoy more flexibility in your schedule.

 4.  Working at home on the Internet is a scam.  This is an old myth that originated from the old work at home business opportunities that promised riches by staying at home stuffing envelopes.  The number of people working at home on the Internet has rapidly increased in the last decade and the industry continues to grow at an alarmingly steady pace.

 5.  My business will grow out of control.  Although the Internet has people looking for products and services from all over the world this does not necessarily mean your business will spin out of control and you will have no time to yourself.  There are new online marketing tools that are available that allow you to geo-target your market so that you are selling to a specific group of people instead of the entire world.

 6.  My business can only serve locals.  That’s fine.  Again with the online tools that allow you to target your market to a specific geographic area, people can find your business locally on the Internet.  This is convenient for people who are relocating or visiting the area and people who are already in the area that may not be aware that your business exists.

 7.  There will be no room for me.  Everybody is doing it.  The realty to this is that most people put up websites and then abandon their business when they don’t see the cash come instantly rolling in.  If you are sincere about succeeding and you present yourself in a way that stands out you will be able to enjoy your piece of the pie.  Offer quality and be consistent and people will keep returning for more, not to mention that they will also tell their friends online.

 8.  I need an advertising budget to compete with the big guys.  No so.  There are numerous online advertising tools that are free just for the asking.  These tools include social networking, article marketing, social bookmarking, video marketing, blogging, and free advertising sites to name a few.  The only thing you have to invest is your time to create the content on these sites.  What’s more is you can launch a website for as little as $6.00 per month and buy a domain name for as little as $9.95 per year.  Most Internet businesses start up for as little as $50.

 So as you can see the Internet has changed entrepreneurism for the better and has actually made it easier for you to become successful.  Although owning an online business requires just as much work as an offline business, if you offer quality, a unique selling proposition (USP), and consistent care, you will become successful as an online business owner.

Respectfully Dedicated To Your Massive Success!

Derek Bayer

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