Starting an online business can be a rewarding and liberating experience that will bring you long term prosperity if you know what you are doing.  If you are thinking about starting an online business, it is important to know what some of the tools of the trade are which can help you create a successful enterprise.  Let’s take a look at an overview of some of the main tools of the trade that are used to build and run a successful online business.

 Choosing a Niche

 When you start an online business the type of niche you choose will be an essential part of the foundation to your success.  A niche product or service addresses a specifically targeted audience with a special set of needs.  For example, if you choose “running shoes” as your niche this is a very broad topic.  However if you choose “running shoe laces” this targets an audience with a specific set of needs.

 The niche topic you choose should also be something that is of interest to you and that you are knowledgeable about.  This will help you to establish yourself as an expert faster and create a trusting relationship with your customers.

There are many tools available online for researching and finding a niche.  The tools range from sophisticated blueprint software, forums, and social networking sites, to open directory sites such as Dmoz and eBay Pulse.

 Keyword Tools

Keywords will be the foundation in which you build your business and will be the main underlying factor that will determine the success of your business.  Keywords are words that your prospects type into the search engine to locate your product or service.  They represent the terms and phrases that are used during organic searches.

If you are starting an online business using a keyword tool is one of the main tools of the trade and the research should be done carefully and thoroughly to determine the best keywords to use for your product or service.  There are free keyword tools such as Google keyword tool and then there are other tools that are acquired by paid subscription like WordTracker and Keyword Discovery.

The keywords you choose are important for driving highly targeted traffic to your product or service and you will use these keywords in your advertising, on your website or blog, in your articles you write for article marketing sites, and with any other tool you use to promote your online business.  More on keyword research as we get into this site.


Your website will serve as a focal point for driving highly targeted traffic to your product or service.  It will be the place where you can create a rapport with your visitors and start building your email list of clients for distributing your newsletter.  If you are tech savvy and understand the search engine criteria for websites you can choose to build your own website or you can choose to hire a web designer. 

Whatever you decide it is important to develop a plan for what you want to accomplish with your site, use good search engines optimization techniques which we will touch on later in this site, and use a layout that is easy to understand and navigate.


A blog is different than a website because it allows your visitors to interact with you by leaving comments on the information that you post on the site.  A blog can be used as a tool to drive traffic to your site or some new online business owners start with a blog to get their expertise established and then gravitate toward the website later. 

Either way, your blog should offer high quality content with good SEO that is useful to your readers to keep them coming back for more.  There are blog tools such as Google Blogger that are available for free just for the asking or you can opt to use blogging software such as WordPress.  We will be discussing the difference between these platforms later on in this site.

Domain Name

Your domain name will identify your online business such as and will be the URL address that your clients recognize as part of your brand.  Before you choose and register your domain name it is important to complete your research and layout your website so that your domain name adequately reflects what is on the site.  Domain names are easy and inexpensive to register and you can accomplish this through most web hosting sites.

Web Host

Once you design and build your website for your online business it is necessary to purchase server space for storing your website and making it visible to the online community.  This is similar to buying land to build your house on except that you are buying server space for your website.  There are many web hosting services available online so we will touch on later how to choose a good web host provider.

Social Networking Sites

Social networking is another online tool of the trade which provides a great way for you to get established as an expert in your field.  Sites like Facebook and Twitter can provide you with instant visibility and a place to start offering high quality information that is related to your product or service.  It is free to set up an account and you can create a professional profile within minutes.  Although these sites are not designed for selling, you can certainly use them to get your credibility established in your field of expertise.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a fairly new tool to the trade and if you have a computer equipped with a web cam you can easily create a simple “how to” video on your product or service and launch it onto a site such as YouTube.  There is a series of techniques to video marketing which we will get into later but, it is a great way to start spreading the word about your brand across the Internet and for getting your credibility established.

There is a host of other tools of the trade when it comes to setting up and running your online business but hopefully by touching on the main ones, we have supplied you with a little direction on how to get started with a successful online business.  We will also be going into more details on how to effectively use these tools on this website so sit back and enjoy.

If there is a topic you would like to see me discuss or write about here, simply leave a comment below and I will be happy to oblige!

Respectfully Dedicated To Your Massive Success!

Derek Bayer

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