Synkronice have in one fell swoop managed to solve the biggest problem everyone always encounters when working with any multi-level marketing (MLM) business; the inability to be able to sell the products.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s potions, lotions, pills or anything else, the problem is normally that most people who want to build an MLM business simply don’t have the inherent skills to be able to do this. Even when they find people that are interested, as soon as they mention that it’s an MLM they tend to run a mile because they know how tricky these things are to make work.  Well, not anymore thanks to a brand new concept in online business that is Synkronice.

How Synkronice Overcomes The Biggest Problem In MLM

So, how do you overcome the problem of not being able to sell product in your business? Simple, you make that product free. Yes, you heard me correct, the product that Synkronice wants you to market is actually 100% free so how on earth does anyone ever make any money?

The key to this formula is the fact that Synkronice have created a very unique product called Spinglo. Now Spinglo is actually a social media platform, a bit like Facebook, where anybody can join for free and never have to pay any subscription charges or other such fees. But again, how does anybody ever make any money? OK, let me put your minds at rest.

3rd Party Paid Advertising Is The Key

I’m sure you’ve seen the paid advertising on the right hand side of Facebook and many other social media platforms for that matter. Right, well basically there are many companies and individuals who pay money to be able to market to the users on Facebook and that’s one big way that Facebook makes its money. Spinglo works in a very similar fashion but in their case the companies are going to be new, cutting edge corporations that will offer huge discounts to their Spinglo customer base giving them great offers and bonuses.

But I’m still hearing you ask me how you make money through Synkronice right? OK, here it is, are you ready?

Imagine if whenever any of your Facebook friends bought anything through the platform that you got paid a small commission? Now imagine if the friends of your friends also earned you a commission whenever they bought something too. And so on and so forth until 5 levels deep. This is exactly how Synkronice works and how you can build your own online MLM business without having to sell a single product.

Is Synkronice Too Good To Be True?

So you have to ask the question is Synkronice too good to be true? Well, let’s look at it once again and this time let’s see it from each individual perspective. Firstly the Spinglo user has access to an online social media platform where they can interact with their friends, socialise and make huge savings if they decide to buy anything through the platform (which there is no obligation to do I might add), so they are very happy. Secondly the corporations or even individuals who sell products and services through Spinglo don’t mind offering huge discounts because they have access to a massive consumer base who in the most part is highly targeted, so they’re happy. Then finally there is the Synkronice members who are trying to build up an online MLM business. Well for them they get paid whenever any of their Spinglo friends buy anything and they never even have to talk to any of them to try and sell if they don’t want to, in fact there’s no need to because the Spinglo platform does all the selling for them; so they’re happy.

This really is a win-win-win scenario and one which is going to revolutionise the online world and in fact the multi-level marketing world too for that matter.

Timing Is Everything With Synkronice

Synkronice is an MLM that is going to wait for no one and people will need to do their due diligence quickly and make some swift informed decisions if they are going to be successful in this business because there is going to be a critical mass. Now when this will be no one really knows but think about it in terms of Facebook. Most people you talk to are already on it so if you were trying to get them as your friends to earn money in the same way as Spinglo you wouldn’t be able to. Spinglo friends can only be associated with one person and so there is going to be a point where everyone is already on it when you try and make them your friends.  This really is going to be a case of the ‘early bird catches the worm’ or in this case, ‘the early marketer catches the Spinglo friends’

For more information on Synkronice and Spinglo check out my other blog here or if you just want to get involved today then click the link below to see how you can become a member before the potential gold rush ends.

Comments (4)

  1. gerwyn duggan Says:

    March 25th, 2011 at 4:15 pm

    wow so true mlm meets facebook? i think so , monetizing social networks is the future of online incomes ! and synkronice is the first do do it with mlm .brilliant !

  2. Bill Tregellas Says:

    March 26th, 2011 at 2:24 am

    Amazing! Sounds like the pefect product!

  3. gerwyn duggan Says:

    June 1st, 2011 at 2:19 pm

    Want to find out more? Theres a Must not miss event in london! , Sunday June 5th BOOK NOW on Come join the spinglo revolution, with special guest speaker, the one and only Joseph McClendon 111

  4. Soraya Says:

    June 3rd, 2011 at 11:14 am

    Anyone can do this! Finally an industry first where a Distributor can make a good residual income from the product!

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