Digg: Just a Bookmark?

If you are starting an online business you may want to check out the social networking site called Digg.  Digg is more than just a social bookmarking site and if you play your cards right it can potentially send 150,000 visitors to your website or blog within a very short period of time in addition to building a strong network of clients.

To participate in Digg you have become a member of the community just as you would on other social networking sites.  It also requires an investment of your time if you are going to become a respected community member and win the trust and confidence of other people in the Digg community.

How Digg Works

In addition to using Digg as a social bookmarking site you can also submit articles to Digg that are related to your area of expertise.  The website is moderated and if the other users of the site like your content they will simply vote on it and Digg it.  The more people you have that Digg your article the higher the rankings it will receive.

You can set up an account with Digg for free and set up a professional profile as you would on other social networking sites.  It is best to begin by getting involved with the Digg community and networking with others that share the same interests as you.  Take the time to get to know the community and when you are ready to share your expertise you simply click on “Submit a Story” and share what you have to offer.

If you succeed in writing an article that people really Digg a lot, the article will make its way to the home page of Digg which will generate a significant amount of traffic to your blog or website within a relatively short period of time.  This is known on Digg as the “Digg Effect” and is the highest compliment you can receive on the site.

You can also submit articles by using a Digg Bookmarklet which is a link that you can place on the toolbar of your browser which provides an easy way for you to submit your content to the Digg website.  As an added tip, make sure that you Digg the posts from the top 100 users and posts that other users submit, add them as friends, and support what they do.  In return this will help you to receive Diggs when you submit articles and new posts.

Digg and Networking

Just like other social networking sites you can also develop a community of followers that will help to spread the word about your brand and you can communicate with your network of friends by commenting on content that they have to offer.  This process is known as offering “shouts.”  This is always a good idea since the idea is to network with others and to acknowledge what they have to offer otherwise, you could potentially get a reputation for using Digg for your own self serving reasons.

If you own a website you can also keep in touch with the Digg community by placing a Digg button on your website.  When the latest posts and news are placed on Digg they will automatically appear on your website.  The Digg button also provides your visitors with a way to Digg your most recent posts.

Mind Your Manners

Just like other social networking sites it is important for you to become familiar with how the site works and how the community interacts before you can expect others to create a buzz about your brand and area of expertise.  If you invest the time to get to know others in the community you will reap the rewards that come with caring about what others have to offer.

Respectfully Dedicated To Your Success!!

Derek Bayer

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