Online Business: The Perfect Alternative for the Restaurant Professional

Any one who has spent any length of time working in the restaurant industry knows how demanding it can be. Foodservice demands long hours, excellent people skills and a proficiency with numbers to name just a few. An online business is much more flexible with your schedule and requires little, if any face time with customers. So how is this a perfect alternative?

It is simple really. The restaurant professional has developed many skills in their trade. It takes a lot of controls, a lot of hours and a lot of drive to be consistently successful. It is also known that the restaurant industry burns out a lot of its most successful players. I know I was one of them. I enjoyed restaurant management but I eventually wanted my nights, weekends and holidays to enjoy as I saw fit. The restaurant business teaches you how to be successful in your own business. The three major areas that carry over to an online business are Marketing, Customer Service and Cost Controls (your numbers). Anyone that has managed a restaurant location has done these things on a payroll for the main benefit of a franchise owner, a corporation, or as an owner and watched it steal their life. You also know there is little room for error as profit margins are tight. An online business offers much larger profit margins as waste and overhead is minimal.

A successful online business requires hard work and dedication, no stranger to the restaurant professional, however you have the freedom to work from home and make your own hours. You need to know your numbers with an online business without theweekly inventories to take and silverware to count. You will need your cost control skills but there are less variables and wastes to control in an online venture. A restaurant relies on good Marketing, namely the brand and the location. An online business will also rely on good marketing and branding. You will be driving traffic to your website just as if you were driving traffic to your brick and mortar restaurant but there will be no parking lots to sweep, plow or salt.

The greatest “carryover” from the restaurant business to an online business in my opinion is customer service. Restaurants teach you to listen to your customers. They taught me to view my employees as my “in house” customers as well as our guests which were are patrons. This separates me from much of my competition in my online business as my team members are just as important as my leads. People do not care how much you know as much as they care about how much you care. Good customer service is a skill that will take you far in any business.

The main difference and advantage in my opinion of an online business over a brick and mortar restaurant is automation. Once you set up your online business effectively you can maintain it with much less effort than you did in the building stage. You rarely if ever get to this level with a restaurant and if you do you have to pay someone else to run it for you and good luck having that person care as much as you did.

So if you are tired of long hours, counting cans of tomatoes at 5 am on Monday morning or filling shifts for your hungover opening cooks, Maybe it is time for you to take a look and see if an Online Business is the right alternative for you. It may be the best move you ever make!!

Respectfully Dedicated To Your Success,

Derek Bayer

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