How your Restaurant Work Experience Can Lead You to Online Success!

If you have been working in the restaurant industry you already know about the long hours you invest in making the business a success as well as the many different hats you have to wear, especially if you are working in restaurant management. Running a restaurant requires hours of dedication, the ability to make smart business decisions, and savvy people skills in addition to the constant drive it takes to maintain a successful business over the long term. It is no wonder that a lot of people burn out while working in the restaurant business due to the fact it has a tendency to consume your life. If you are finding yourself getting a little run down with the restaurant business and want to have more holidays, evenings, and weekends, it may help you to know that a lot of the skills you learned in the restaurant industry will carry over into building a successful online business. An online business will allow you more flexibility in your schedule and will allow you to have energy left over to do some of things you enjoy and spend more time with your family.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways your restaurant skills can apply to building a successful online business.

Customer Service: When it comes to running an online business quality customer service is a big plus when building relationships with your prospects. Running an online business is all about standing out in the crowd so if you provide quality customer service and develop a positive rapport with your customers they will return time and again to do business with you. Since you have already developed these skills through the restaurant business you will be way ahead of the game when it comes to providing quality for your customers.

Hard Work and Dedication: Starting an online business requires hard work, consistency, and dedication if you are going to become successful. You already know that from running a restaurant so you will be able to carry these skills over to creating success for yourself with an online business. The only difference is you will have to put all of your hard work in at the beginning and then just stay consistent with the maintenance once your business is up and running. Unlike a restaurant this will allow you to enjoy more flexibility in your schedule and spend more doing the things you like to do.

Marketing: Just like a brick and mortar business marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of running an online business. If you have worked in a successful restaurant you know what is involved in creating a brand that people will associate with quality. This skill will carry over into online marketing where it is also necessary to create a brand that people associate with great customer service and a quality product. You will be using basically the same skills with the addition of some of the cool online marketing tools that are available.

Savvy Business Skills: Running an online business successfully requires skills with numbers and other skills that are used in the back office to keep the business running smoothly. Although you have high tech ecommerce software to help you with inventory, accounting, billing, payment processing, and other necessary office tasks, it is still vital to your online business to be able to crunch the numbers and keep track of sales conversions and other aspects that keep your business running at a profit. If you have been doing this with a restaurant it will be no problem for you to accomplish it with an online business.

Management Skills: If you run a restaurant you are already familiar with the many hats that you have to wear when it comes to managing employees, delivery personnel, customers, and other people who are involved with the operation of the business. If you are accustomed to the multi-tasking skills that are required to be a good manager you can use these skills to run a successful online business.

Online businesses are very versatile and most online businesses have multiple streams of income that require multi-tasking skills to run the business at a profit. If you are burned out with the long hours of the restaurant business an online business may be the answer to your dilemma. With all of the tools that are available online, chances are you will also be able to exceed the income you were making with the restaurant and you will have some quality time to yourself as well.

Respectfully Dedicated To Your Success!

Derek Bayer

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