The Differences between an Online Business and an Online Job

The current shift in the state of the economy has caused a lot of people to rethink their life’s goals and objectives. You open the news every morning and it seems that all you read about is the bad news of the economy and the companies and other institutions that are struggling to survive. A lot of people fear for their jobs or have been laid off and they are standing in the unemployment line wondering what happened to that dream of working your entire life so you can receive a gold watch and hopefully a few healthy years of retirement.

For this reason the economy has caused many people to rethink their values and their purpose in life. With the increased use of the Internet as a primary communications tool there has been a definite shift from the offline economy into the ecommerce movement which has allowed many people to change their lives for the better and live a more enjoyable and flexible lifestyle.

The onset of ecommerce has prompted companies to rethink their employment structure and allowed those with the entrepreneurial spirit to pursue their dreams. More companies are outsourcing their work to cut costs which is creating a influx of online employment and more businesses are setting up online to reduce overhead and increase their profits.

So if you are thinking about making a change here are a few things to think about when deciding to create an online business or pursue an online job.

Online Business

If you are considering starting an online business this can have many long term benefits on your financial future and your lifestyle. Instead of remaining in the 9 to 5 grind an online business will allow you to enjoy a more flexible lifestyle and puts you in the driver’s seat. If you have just been laid off, starting an online business can be a great way to finally be able to create an income doing what you love instead of what you are obligated to do to get the bills paid.

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of starting an online business.


§ You Are the Boss: Many of us have worked for bosses that we loathe or we have chosen to simply endure the limitations of someone else always calling the shots. With an online business you are the boss and you call all of the shots.

§ Flexible Schedule: Although you will have to put hours of work in at the beginning the rewards will come back to your tenfold and you will be able to enjoy a flexible lifestyle and spend more time with family and friends.

§ Financial Freedom: If you know how to start an online business the right way your business will grow up to take care of your needs and if you stay consistent, it will bring you many years of enjoyment with financial freedom.

§ Low Cost: The costs of starting an online business are very low compared to the old conventional ways of setting up a brick and mortar business on the street. No longer do you have to take out this enormous loan or invest a lot of money into start-up not knowing if it is really going to work. Many online businesses start up for little more than $100.


§ Lack of Commitment: If you do not have the commitment and self discipline that it takes to become successful with an online business it could be a long road ahead.

§ Quick Buck: If you are looking to make a lot of money immediately this is definitely not the road for you.

§ Lack of Support: If you have not been able to secure the support of your family members and loved ones it can be difficult to stay motivated on your own.

§ No Desire: If you have no desire to be in charge and are comfortable working for someone else than an online business may not be a good fit.

Online Job

Online employment has been on the rise since the shift in the economy. Not only is there an excessive amount of outsource jobs online many companies are allowing their employees to telecommute a few days a week to cut costs and boost morale and productivity. While online employment allows you the flexibility to work out of your home office it still has its limitations because someone else is calling the shots. There are deadlines to meet just like conventional employment and a person to answer to but there are also some pros and cons to opting for online employment.


§ Flexibility: Online employment can add hours to your day and save you money. When you add up the amount of hours you spend getting ready for work, purchasing the required attire that is needed for the workplace, commuting, spending money on lunch, and then trying to wind down so you can enjoy a few precious hours at the end of the day, it really adds up to a lot. Although you are doing work for someone else there is a lot more flexibility than being required to show up at a certain place by a certain time.

§ Helping Others: Some people who seek online employment do so because they enjoy interacting with and helping others achieve their goals and objectives.

§ Immediate Income: If you have been laid off and you have specialized skills, you can begin generating immediate income while you decide what to so next.

§ Generate Passive Income: If you prefer working for someone else you may also decide along the way to generate some passive income streams for yourself with some of the opportunities that are available online.


§ Working for Someone Else: With an online job you are working for someone else just like you would be on a conventional job only you are working from home.

§ Someone Else Benefits: When you work for someone else online they are reaping the rewards of your hard work. If this is what turned you off to your offline job in the first place you will be placing yourself right back into that mold.

§ Indefinite Income: Depending upon the type of online employment you seek you may be looking at an erratic income stream if you are not interested in setting up other income streams for yourself. While some people can live with this for others the lack of a steady stream of income can cause a lot of anxiety.

Hopefully some of these points will help you to make an informed decision as to which option is best for you. However if you are truly sick of the 9 to 5 grind and want something that you can call your own, an online business may be the way to go.

Respectfully Dedicated To Your Success!

Derek Bayer

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