How an Online Business is a Great Fit for the Real Estate Professional

If you have worked in the real estate field for some time now and are looking for a change you may want to consider starting an online business as a viable option. Working in the real estate industry involves a significant investment of your time and you never really have a whole lot of control over your schedule.

If you are real estate agent your schedule is ruled in part by the schedule of others when it is necessary to show properties that are up for sale. If you are a real estate investor your time is consumed with the logistics of running a profitable real estate investment business which includes making sure all of the property vacancies are filled, advertising, working with property managers, and other responsibilities that are associated with real estate investment.

The good news is that a lot of the skills you learned as a real estate professional will help you to become successful with an online business and at the same token you will be able to enjoy a more flexible lifestyle with time and energy left over to do the things that you enjoy doing. Let’s take a look at how an online business is a great fit for a real estate professional.

Business Planning

As a real estate agent you are always planning your strategies for making more sales, marketing your services, and organizing all of the administrative tasks that are involved with a property sale. If you are a real estate investor you also do a lot of planning for marketing yourself, finding property deals, and managing the employees that help you to successfully run your business.

Both types of real estate professions involve knowledge of how to create a successful business plan and the ability to create specific goals and objectives for achieving success.

These skills will come in handy when you start your online business. Although there are many tools that help you to easily start your business online it still requires a sound business plan and specific goals and objectives to help you to get to where you want to go. It also takes patience and perseverance to recognize obstacles and solve problems as they develop. If you have been successful in real estate chances are that you possess most of these skills that are necessary for creating a successful online business.

Customer Service

As a real estate professional you work with many different kinds of personalities and build up skills for relating to people. In a sense, the real estate professional is all about guiding others, establishing connections, and learning diplomacy with difficult personalities.

These skills will serve you well when it comes to developing a relationship with your customers online. Quality customer service skills will get your business noticed online and customers will return to do business with you in the future. Since online business lacks the face to face contact that you usually have with customers in a brick and mortar business, quality customer service is that much more important in the online environment and will ensure sustained relationships with your online customers.


As a an experienced real estate professional you are probably already aware of how important it is to have good networking skills since real estate is all about making contacts.

These skills will come in handy with your online business since part of promoting your new business involves knowing how to effectively use the social networking tools that are available online for making contacts that have interests similar to your own.

Many of the social networking sites also offer professional groups that you can get involved with that contain members that will have interests similar to the topic you choose for your online business.


When you work in real estate you spend a good portion of your time on marketing. If you work as a real estate agent a big part of your salary is commissions and if you are a real estate investor part of generating income is being able to market yourself and your business. At one point or another you have probably been required to create a marketing plan which clearly identifies your goals and objectives and provides you with the compass you need to expand your business.

The same marketing skills are needed with an online business and it is extremely important to create a marketing plan that clearly identifies where you want to be in a year as well as five years from now. The only difference in creating a marketing plan with an online business is you must also identify the online tools that you are going to use to promote your online business and how you are going to use them.

Real estate can be a very demanding field that leaves you little time and energy to spend time on other things. So if you are thinking about starting an online business I hope this information has helped you to see that you already have a head start when it comes to some of the skills that are necessary for succeeding with an online business.

Respectfully Dedicated To Your Success!

Derek Bayer

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