“Who Moved My Cheese?” Helpful with Viewing Change or Not?

“Who Moved My Cheese?” is a book written by Spencer Johnson that discusses different views on how we react to changes in our lives. The book addresses the issues of how some of need change frequently while others are stressed out by change and avoid it at all costs.

“Who Moved My Cheese?” begins with a gathering of friends discussing how their lives have changed since they were classmates in high school and how they are afraid of change. Although they are afraid of change they continue to discuss how much things have changed since they were in high school before the story transitions into two mice that live in a maze and are spending their lives running around and looking for cheese.

According to the book, cheese represents the things that we want out of life and how the two mice think different about how to acquire cheese in their life. Spencer Johnson continues to explain the different views of the two mice about how they will acquire the cheese in their life.

One mouse thinks about sniffing out cheese while the other thinks about running after cheese. The other two mice that come into the picture sit around complaining about how someone moved their cheese when a huge hunk is placed in the maze and then disappears.

The two mice that are complaining become tired and hungry while the other two mice have found cheese because they looked for more immediately after the huge hunk of cheese disappeared.

Meanwhile the mice that are complaining are writing messages on the wall of the maze about how they feel about acquiring cheese. They finally realize that the messages they are writing on the wall are the same except they are each written differently. The two mice that were complaining vow to change their ways when they see the other two mice have found cheese. The group of friends who were classmates and have gathered around to tell the story continue to discuss the story and how the cheese has been moved in their life.

While we won’t ruin the ending of the book if you have yet to read it, “Who Moved My Cheese?” does make some interesting points about how we view and react to change. The book emphasizes that no matter what changes we encounter we should all see change as a good thing instead of something we should resist. Even if we feel the changes are not fair we should avoid fighting the change.

While some people who are employed in a 9 to 5 job may see this book at unrealistic when it comes to accepting changes that are not fair that happen in the workplace, people who are making a change or are thinking about starting an online business may react to this publication in a more positive light. It is a matter of seeing things according to your situation. For example, if someone else got promoted on the job and that was your promotion it may be difficult to react to the change in a positive way.

On the other hand if you are thinking about starting an online, networking marketing or mlm business then the book can be helpful in helping accept the changes that are about to take place in your life. It can also spur some thoughts about how you may feel about the changes that will take place once you start and grow your online business.

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