Why Would I Use Ping.FM and What’s a Microblog Anyway?

Ping.FM and microblogging is a new way to easily promote your online business. To understand these two concepts and how they relate to your online business let’s provide you with an overview of each and how they work together to make some of your online business social networking tasks a lot easier and faster.

Blogs and Microblogging

A blog is website that you set up for the purpose of offering high quality content that is useful to your readers. Each blog post usually consists of anywhere from 250- 400 words of information that is related to your area of expertise.

Microblogging is a more recent form of blogging that allows users to receive information and updates in 140 characters or less. The information is related to a blog or group and is received by any device that is connected to the Internet. Microblogging can also be accomplished through text messages on mobile devices which are uploaded to a microblogging service such as Twitter and then distributed to the members of the specific groups.

Microblogging is used as a social tool for casual users but it is also a powerful tool for keeping in touch with your business prospects that follow the information and content related to your online business. Microblogging also helps to increase your website traffic when you use it to provide updates and “teasers” to new information you have posted that is useful to your readers.

Pinging and Ping.FM

When you run a blog that offers content that is related to the topic of your business there is a technique that is used which is called “pinging.” Although pinging is something that is also used in computer repair, it is also a technique that is used in blogging to announce when you have added to posts to your blog.

A ping is an application that is sent to a ping server which provides a list of blogs that contain new material. When you ping your blog you are notifying the ping server or blog search engine that your blog has been updated. Although pinging sounds complicated it is actually quite easy and can easily be set up in your blog configuration to work automatically whenever you create a new blog post.

With that said, Ping.FM is a free pinging tool for microblogging which enables you to post to more than one social network at the same time. Without using Ping.FM it would be necessary to log into all of your social media accounts in order to distribute the same message to different groups over the Internet. Instead, you can enter one message into Ping.FM and it will automatically be distributed to a number of different social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Benefits of Ping.FM

Ping.FM also has a number of other benefits that will save you time with online business social networking tasks. Ping.FM is capable of providing multiple listings for your blog title which is a handy little tool for submitting to Google. Since you never know which site will receive the highest ranking from Google you can submit multiple titles for all of your blogs and microblogs instead of spending the time to tweak each individual site to see which one Google will provide with high rankings.

You can also use Ping.FM to shorten a URL instead of using a long website URL. This saves you time and prevents you from having to visit website URL shortening sites such as Tiny URL or bit.ly. Bloggers often use shortened URLs near the beginning of their blog posts so they appear in the RSS feeds and receive more clicks.

So as you can see, using Ping.FM and microblogging can significantly enhance your online business and increase traffic to your blog or website in addition to saving you time with your social networking tasks. Ping.FM will also prevent you from abandoning the option of social networking because it can be so time consuming. Once you have everything set up, the time it takes to distribute a new post is only a matter of minutes and then you can spend your time on other important aspects of growing your online business.

Respectfully Dedicated To Your Success!

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