vertical-legacyHaving worked in the home business arena for some time now feels I am very knowledgeable on compensation plans and how they work. I have studied more compensations plans than I even want to admit. Many are so confusing that you never truly understand how they work and hope the company is getting you all commissions earned each pay period.

 Some time ago I heard the rumblings of a true 100% compensation model. This got my attention and I immediately got on line to learn more. What I found were remnants of the old Australian 2 up, only instead of referring your first two sales of each products, you continue to pass up sales for the life of the plan. If I am doing the marketing and building my business why not pay me on each of my sales? That sounds logical right?

When I heard of Vertical Legacy I first looked at the compensation plan and found that I did in fact get paid on every sale. Very cool. And it get’s better. I also get an over rides on my affiliate team sales. Here is how it works.

Vertical Legacy has 5 products inside the affiliate business model. Vertical Press, Vertical Business, Vertical Wealth, Vertical Life and the Vertical Legacy 360. More on the products to follow.

Below are the various programs and the breakdown on commissions.

Monthly Continuity Programs


Product Name Retail Price Upfront Affiliate commission sponsor payout VL


Vertical Press $25 Month $20 Month $5 Month


Vertical Business $100 Month $80 Month $20 month


Vertical Wealth $150 Month $105 Month $30 Month $15


One Time Purchased products


Product name Retail Price Upfront Affiliate commission sponsor payout VL


Vertical Life $1000 $700 $200 $100


Vertical Legacy 360 $3000 $2,100 $600 $300



As you can see the monthly continuity programs puts money in your e wallet account each week. You also get override commissions on all front line sales as well. It is beautiful and very lucrative. When you top it off with the one time purchased products it adds up to an impressive income very quickly.

As an affiliate you get paid 80% on the first two programs and 70% on each product after that each and every sale. 20% goes to your sponsoring affiliate & 10% goes to Vertical Legacy. VL has a strong product line that has hard costs. The 10% covers this.

So to get started you pay a $19.95 monthly affiliate fee. Then you can expand your business to the entire VL product line for full commissions on each product. You will also pay a monthly fee for the e-wallet feature which is the commission pay out vehicle for VL.

Now on to the Vertical Legacy products.

vertical-legacy-productsVertical Press is $25 a month and gets you in the drivers seat to affiliate marketing. Ryan Nelson is the brain child behind the first Affiliate blogging Alliance and marketing platform. There are many revenue streams built inside this platform and you can market anything you choose. But I think when you understand the VL product line you will want to put you money on the best option to be running a profitable online business. The VL product line and compensation plan is a no brainer for the first time internet marketer and seasoned veteran.

Next is the Vertical Business for $100 a month. This unlocks the extensive learning modules from Ryan Nelson along with live weekly webinars and training calls. Looking at other business models it is clear that VL has under promised and over delivered. All this for only $100 a month. This gives your total access to the Vertical Rising blogging alliance and marketing platform. This is the nuts and bolts of your VL business.

The 3rd product is the last of the monthly continuity programs. Vertical Wealth is a powerful online wealth tool that gives you a blue print for being completely debt free in the shortest amount of time possible. It is a $150 month program and from what I have seen you may carve off around $200k of interest that would have gone to the bank and be debt free 10 to 15 years ahead of schedule. This includes mortgage, student loans, credit card debt…the whole enchilada.

The 4th VL product is the Vertical life. This again is an online financial program by Peter Bielagus. His course will continue to keep thousands of dollars in your pocket that you throw away with many consumer decisions we make year in and year out. The product is a one time purchase of $1000.

The final product is the Vertical life 360 live event for $3000. This is a weekend event where you will get live online secrets and training from Ryan Nelson, best selling author and branding expert Wayne Allan Root, communication specialist and coaching from Cathy Werking, leaderships skill from JJ john Jackson, Karl Bessey, Kip Herriage and hands on financial training from Peter Bielagus.

As you can see, Vertical Legacy has a well thought out business plan with powerful products and a one of a kind affiliate compensation plan.

Looking at this all star team of business professionals it is clear that the management staff is well suited to pull off what I feel to be the future of affiliate marketing.






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