Online Business IdeasAre you looking for an online business but feeling overwhelmed by all of the possibilities? It’s easy to see why – just google “online business” and you get more than 12 million results. Even the top 10 results will give you at least some conflicting information, too.

With that in mind, here is a quick guide to some online businesses. As you look them over, don’t just consider your relevant skills and experience – take some time to think about which you’d enjoy the most as well. After all, part of the point of owning your own online business is to have fun with what you’re doing!

  1. Affiliate marketing. When you’re an affiliate marketer you’re providing space on your own web site to host ads for an existing company. You may also write reviews and other content that encourages your readers to do business with your affiliate partner. In fact, that’s what you should do – you get paid when a visitor to your side clicks over to your affiliate partner’s site and spends money there. There are some things you need to be careful of when you choose affiliate marketing as your business, including being sure to affiliate yourself only with legitimate businesses and fully disclosing that you are earning an income from your affiliate activities.
  2. Owning your own Ebay store. Running an Ebay store is a combination online/offline business. You market your wares online on Ebay, of course – but you also need to store those items and ship them to the winning bidders. An Ebay store is fantastic for someone who already enjoys haunting garage sales and resale stores for deals, because you can turn that hobby into ready cash.
  3. Blogging for money. You’ve probably seen a lot of personal blogs and are wondering how in the world someone could make money writing about their personal problems? Actually, the world of blogging is much, much bigger than personal journaling. There are blogs that cover current events, blogs devoted to different hobbies – name a topic and you can find a blog that covers it. People make money from their blogs by signing on with Google Adsense and other ad placement companies that provide ads related to the text found on the blog. Blogs can also dabble in affiliate marketing as part of their regular coverage. If you have expertise and opinions and can write well, this might be a good business for you.
  4. Marketing online. An online marketing business is different from affiliate marketing in that instead of just actively or passively encouraging people who visit your site to do business with a separate company, your entire company’s purpose is to market another company’s products or services. You become a real face of the company you represent as opposed to someone who may be reviewing and recommending several related companies. Online marketing combines the kinds of skills you need to learn to be a successful blogger, sales person, affiliate marketer and business owner – all in one.

Each of the top 4 online business ideas has strengths and weaknesses, but those are more a matter of what does or does not fit your goals and personality best. Take some time to check these out, however, and there’s a huge chance that you’ll find the online business of your dreams.

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