Careers OnlineThanks to the Internet there are a whole slew of new industries out there that people can make their careers in. Not only that, but there are also careers available where the tasks involved can be done almost completely online.

OK, so you might also need a phone, a scanner, and perhaps even a fax. But the point is that these careers can be pursued from the best possible place – the comfort of your own home.

While they’re reluctant to give up the kind of control over employees that they have with cubicle farms, employers are becoming increasingly open to taking advantage of the Internet and allowing people to work from their homes. This e- or telecommuting can be done with jobs ranging from personal assistant to marketing writer. All that’s required is some mutual trust.

Employers still get the work they need done by their employees, but they also save on the maintenance costs involved in housing those cubicle farms.

For the employees, on the other hand, working their careers online from home means no more money spent on long commutes and much less money spent on work clothes.

Everyone wins.

Of course, you don’t have to be employed by someone else to take advantage of an online career. You could choose to become a freelancer, working as anything from a writer to a personal assistant for a variety of clients. In this instance you do all or almost all of your marketing online and you interact with your clients online and, sometimes, by phone.

Online Career Options From Home

Affiliate Marketing Online CareerBut there’s another option as well – in fact, it isn’t just one option, but several online career options under one heading. If you’re looking for an online career that will let you build something for yourself, you can open your own online business.

This goes beyond being a freelancer because as an online business owner you may or may not be dealing with clients – really that’s up to you when you decide what kind of business to choose.

For example, you could have an online career using Internet marketing to build your own thriving network marketing business. This isn’t the “Avon calling” of your mother’s and grandmother’s generation, either. When you do network marketing online, the people who are interested in your products or business opportunity come to you.

Other online career options include affiliate marketing and using established web sites like Etsy to sell your art or craft creations. In all of these examples, the majority of your business takes place in one place – on the Internet.

Owning your own online business also gives you much more freedom than either telecommuting for an employer or many freelancing jobs. You can work when and where you want, for one thing – the Internet is open 24/7, after all, and your customers and any downline members can always read your emails or posts on their own time as well.

So if you’re looking for a career that gives you the most flexibility while still allowing you to make a solid contribution and earn a good income, consider opening your own online business. Online businesses are the one career that offer the chance of having it all.

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