About BusinessTM And Our Wealth Masters International Products

Positioning itself as promoting a holistic and well rounded lifestyle, Wealth Masters International is an MLM education focused company. It was started in 2005 with the alliance of an experienced financial expert and a successful direct sales and MLM entrepreneur. By combining their experience and talents, the developed a company with three products.

The first WMI product, has a entry level cost of $1995 dollars what the consultant receives is a home study course that has a one hundred day financial curriculum. It’s education is based around the Japanese idea of kaizen – taking small actions daily to experience continuous self improvement. It claims to supply training in the areas in which most people struggled – health, general wellness and finance.

At the second level, M2, purchasers attend an intensive four days of training, education and networking in a luxury location. Wealth Masters International featured speakers include well known success coaches and marketing trainers, and even a billionaire. The aim of the event is to further education for business success, and to develop entrepreneurial skills. This comes with a $8995 price tag.

At a hefty $12,995, the third level product gives its members access on a continuing basis to alliances with wealthy business people, who share their wealth creation strategies. It is designed rather like a special club, helping one, through association and further joint ventures, to become a successful and wealthy entrepreneur.

Because the three products have a high initial cost, Wealth Masters International is not for everyone. Those that do join are more likely to take advantage of the education and training offered, since they have made a sizable up front investment. In addition to the initial cost of the package, consultant pay a monthly fee for Wealth Masters back office and website usage.

Wealth Masters Compensation Opportunity

Wealth Masters International compensates its members on two basic levels, whereby you would earn on your own sales and those of people in your first level. In order to earn on a continual basis, you must keep up a certain level of production, or your residual checks from those under you are discontinued. This means you must learn how to market both yourself and your business. There is no real opportunity to earn true residual income, which is the reason most people join MLM businesses. In addition, in order to benefit from sales of the two higher end products, one must first purchase them.

Casual marketers will shy away from Wealth Masters International because of the high initial cost of the programs. To succeed, a certain level of marketing skill is needed, along with the ability to personally brand ones self. The common MLM approach of recruiting friends and family won’t work here. However, with the help and support of a mentor, one can succeed at generating new sales consistently.

Wealth Masters International does offer continual training and 24/7 support to their marketers, who can access the extensive marketing education of CCPMarketing, their main marketing arm. The compensation plan is the most lucrative of all MLM companies, but it does have high annual maintenance costs. With the initial start up costs, high annual fees, and limited prospective customers, this program is not for everyone.

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