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Take Your Company Public: A Must Read Before You Do Anything! As a consultant in the business of structuring companies, setting up strategic alliances for clients, writing business plans and PPM’s and taking companies public on the OTCBB, I must admit I’ve seen my share of scams and swindling of uninformed clients. One sad issue that permeates the industry is clients who believe that their only option is to give up substantial equity while paying hefty fees to consultants who take your company public.


Getting a new place in Brisbane opens up a lot of opportunities, but transporting all your belongings in your new place can be a little daunting. The transporting of your belongings can be strenuous given the city’s climate: hot and humid summers and dry and mild winters. If you are coming from another city or state with a different climate, you may have difficulty in transferring your things.


Office furniture is available in many colors and styles to accommodate all workers and clients. The interior decor of any office can be arranged in a way that is functional yet visually pleasing. Chairs and desks are two necessary pieces that have the same overall look, no matter who the manufacturer is. Shelving units and tables can range from plain to ornate and come in different shapes and sizes.


There are lots of opportunities for accidents when cleaning something that someone else owns. Many businesses carry liability insurance so they will not be held personally responsible should an accident occur. It is hard knowing what level of insurance policy should a gutter cleaning company have.


That big for sale sign that you see almost every day probably never crossed your mind as being marketing known […]

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